If you are new to Sydney, then the bicycle rules might come as a surprise. Unlike India, road rules in Australia tend to be quite tough. For NRIs moving to Australia, the biking road rules can come as a shock. Bicycles, popularly known as bikes, are considered to be a vehicle. Going by the rules established for Australian Roads, the bikers are required to follow the rules and laws set up for vehicles.

Road safety is something that the Sydney law takes quite seriously. Therefore, when riding a bike in Sydney as a NRI, all bikers must be aware of the road rules and laws that are mandatory to be followed. Apart from setting up a risk for your life due to accidents, not following these laws can also land you with hefty penalties by the police.

When it comes to riding a bike after moving from India to Sydney, there are some things that you are free to do akin to other citizens, such as:

  • Take over other vehicles from their left side, with the exception of those vehicles that are indicating to turn left.
  • Ride in front of left hand side of stopped traffic, with the exception of those vehicles that are indicating to turn left.
  • Occupy a whole traffic lane.
  • Ride in transit lanes and bus lanes

However, some rules are to be followed by NRIs strictly, or else it would cost you a hefty sum of money as penalty and fines. After relocating from India to Sydney, you can incur a heavy fine if you continue to ride a bike according to the rules you were used to back in India. The following are offences to be avoided, or else they will result in the penalties as:

  • Jumping a red light –  $425
  • Riding without a helmet – $319
  • Dangerous/Irresponsible riding – $425
  • Not halting at pedestrian/children’s crossings – $425
  • Holding on to a moving vehicle – $319
  • Other offences such as riding at night without lights – $106

When riding in Sydney, the following things should never be done in order to avoid any penalty:

  • Ride without a horn or bell or warning device, in working condition
  • Ride on a footpath, unless you are under 12 years of age, or it is a designated shared path

Follow these safety rules, and you will surely have a safe and convenient bike ride after moving from India to Sydney! If you too are planning to move to Sydney and are a NRI, it is better to take a note of all the rules applicable here so that you can drive safe and make the most of your days here!



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