Australia is, without a doubt, one of the best countries to relocate as an NRI. Being one of the top countries with a well-developed health as well as education systems, the continent-country unravels a range of exciting endeavours for people who are looking to move from India.

When it comes to choosing the city within Australia to move to, the name of Sydney easily tops the list. Apart from being well-developed city with access to all first-world amenities, the city is also the centre of a considerable community of Indians who move to Australia.

Even though the prospect of moving to Sydney from India looks exciting, it is not an easy task. Gone are the days when you could simply get on a boat ride and cross the great ocean to reach the country and simply settle there. Immigration Laws for Australia are tough, and you ought to have a solid reason to get a visa, and eventually a permanent resident, in Sydney.

To give you an insight to the possible ways of Immigrating to Sydney from India, we have prepared a list of viable options that you can consider and adopt.

1. As A Skilled Migrant

If you are proficient in English and possess a good skill-set in any of the technical fields, you might be eligible to get a migration on the basis of the same. Under Australia’s General Skilled Migration Programme, all those above the age of 18 years with a good skill-set are eligible for moving to Sydney on the basis of their skills. To get an in-depth detail, you can visit the official website here.

2. Visa Sponsored by Employers

Perhaps one of the quickest way to get an Australian Visa as an Indian is to get one sponsored by an Employer. Also, it can be your easiest way to Permanent Australian Residency. Sydney is a bustling industrial centre, so jobs that require technical proficiency are not hard to find. If you manage to find an employer that can convince the Australian government that no skilled labour is available in their country for the required vacancy, you can easily get a working visa along with the job in no time.

3. Nurses and Doctors

Australia has a chronic shortage of nurses as well as doctors for their otherwise well-established healthcare system. A lot of opportunities are available for qualified nurses and doctors to move from India to Sydney with a permanent visa.

4. Entrepreneurial Visa

Started as a way to promote in-flow of foreign investment in Australia and promote business within the country, business visa can be availed if you can successfully establish that you are an entrepreneur willing to establish in an Australian Business.

Of course, compliance norms are set under which you need to satisfy certain conditions, such as the employment of a minimum number of people in your business. This is also a way that can lead you to get Permanent Australian Residency.

5. Work Holiday Visa (One Year)

Although not a permanent visa option, the WHV is a great way to explore the opportunities available for those who are willing to move to Sydney from Australia. Even though you only get a visa for 12 months, you can have a go at your skills and demonstrate them for employers as a prospective employer sponsored visa opportunity. Available for Adults below 31 years of age, this is a great way of visiting the country. For more details, visit the official web-page of WHV here.

Even though these are the top options available for shifting to Sydney from India, this list is definitely not limiting. A number of other ways might also exist out there for you, so make sure you never stop searching! If you need a broader vision that gives you a prospetive outlook to get a visa according to your skills, checkout the official Australian Border and Immigration Portal at Visa Finder.



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