Panicking about your move to Australia?

Do not worry, for you are not the only out there getting the jitters. Moving to a foreign land can indeed be quite intimidating. If you are an NRI planning to move from India to Australia, it is quite likely that a sizeable amount of your day is being spent on gathering information about Australia.

And the worse part is, you might be spending your entire day on Google and still not be getting useful information about shifting to Australia from India. Finding the right information that you are searching for is something Google cannot help you with at all times. The jitters that you are experiencing about your move to Australia as an NRI is, therefore, quite reasonable.

However, courtesy of the mobile-app development community, finding information for families moving to Australia and all other related information is not as difficult as it used to be. You just have to be familiar with the right apps to be browsed, in order to get all the information you need about shifting from India to Australia.

3 Apps To Make Your Search Easier

The following list of 3 applications are extremely useful and easy to use. Using these apps, you can garner all the data that you need for your move to Australia without wandering on the internet for hours.

1. Trello


Trello is an application that is free to use and extremely user-friendly. As an advantage, it lets you to add people on your board so that you do not feel lonely out there.

To begin with, you start a board with a specific Title, say “Moving to Sydney from India”. Now, this board can be used to add numerous lists, such as “Shopping and Packing”, within which due dates or checklists can be added.

You can use this system to keep a track of your progress and check off items off your moving list to make sure you do not miss out on anything. Members can be added to your boards, thereby allowing you to divide and conquer the tasks between you and your fellow movers. As a guide, it starts with a welcome board to get you through the basics, making sure there are no complications involved.

Planning with the help of Trello will definitely take a huge load off your shoulders.

2. Evernote

A some-what advanced version of Trello, Evernote will take your planning to move from India to Australia to the next level. Even though the first look of the app might make the usage of this app daunting, it is highly well-organised and easy to use once you get a hold of it.

Instead of Boards as in Trello, you can make entire Notebooks with Evernote. Post creating a notebook, you can add notes to it. These notes can a range of stuff – PDFs, web-pages, typed notes, safekeeping e-mail sent to Evernote, and much more. You can forward your flight tickets to keep them at hand, or create reminders and checklist for important dates.

To keep the haphazardness at bay, you can use Tags within Evernote. According to the information contained, you can put tags in your Notebook such as schools, houses, movers, and what not.

Evernote can be used as a welcome alternative for website bookmarks and other lists which you have to use later. All the stuff that you need to do later can be stored in your Notebook, and accessed easily as and when you are in need.

As the icing on the cake, Evernote can be accessed from you desktop or tablet as well. You can share your Notebooks with others as well, so that you can keep the India to Australia moving party updated and on track.

3. Pinterest


Now, you must have heard about this app a lot, and even seen it on numerous pages as the red P symbol alongside the Facebook and Twitter share buttons on webpages. This app is perfect for using while moving to Australia anyhow.

Pinterest is the ideal social network for your move to Australia, as you can access related information shared by thousands of people across the globe who are sharing stuff about the move that you might have missed out.

To add your own image to your Pinterest board, simply go to your board on Pinterest and click on “Add Pin”. The website will prompt you to upload an image from your computer. Click on “upload image from computer” and select the image you want on your board. Voila! You have your image pinned on your board.

The app is free and user-friendly, accessible for tablet and desktop as well. A group board can be created if you want to share the pins with everyone else who is planning to shift from India to Australia.

To get insight on some existing boards, you can access Jobs in Australia, Living in Sydney, Cheap Eats in Sydney, Moving in Sydney on the website.

Information for your move to Australia as an NRI is all out there. Make sure you use the right apps for it!

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