Our Bollywood Celebrities are well known for their social servicing acts, so it comes as no surprise when they go out of their way to support a cause. In our day-to-day life we always come up hearing about charity done by bollywood celebrities and many more stuffs. While many do it for publicity, but there are some who have been working continuously for social development and deserves our respect. At times when a bollywood celebrities put their best effort to serve the society and all their efforts went unnoticed. Apart from social workers, celebrities from bollywood to hollywood are more indulged in social servicing. It has became a new trend around the world. Today, we are going to enlighten those celebrities of bollywood who are passionately indulged in social servicing apart from their acting life.

1. Shabana Azmi:

The yesteryear actress Shabana Azmi is not only well known for her acting but is also well known for her social activism. She has raised her voice and expressed concerns on different variety of issues, especially on women’s rights. In 1989, she went on a four-days march for communal harmony from New Delhi to Meerut. Along with this she worked for women’s rights and spoke openly against the objection of womens working in the entertainment industry. She has advocated the cause of slum dwellers, displaced kashmiri pandit migrants and victims of the earthquake at Latur (Maharashtra) in the past. Shabana Azmi has been appointed the Goodwill Ambassador of the UNPF as well as for the AIDS/ HIV programmes for SAARC region.

2. Rahul Bose:

With acting skills Rahul gives equal importance to social servicing also. This unconventional has done commendable works beyond cinemas. The founder of the parent organisation for many charitable organisations and NGO cluster in Mumbai and another NGO  named foundations, that focuses on providing education for children from lower economic backgrounds in Andaman and Nicobar island. Rahul Bose was one of the Bollywood Celebrities to become the Oxfam Global Ambassador in 2007 after being closely associated with several charitable organisations like Akshara Centre, Breakthrough, Citizens of Justice and Peace, and the Teach for India Movement. Rahul was extremely vocal in his support of the Narmada Bachao Andolan and put efforts to stop the construction of the Sardar Sarovar Dam.

3. Aamir Khan:

Apart from his usual excellence which he showcases on his films, Aamir Khan has been extremely concerned about various social issues. Aamir is very passionate about climate change crisis and global warming and declare his support to the Earth Hour Campaign in 2009. Through his first India’s social talk show ‘Satyamev Jayata’, he gained immense popularity and his research on various social issues were appreciated. He is the brand ambassador of Incredible India Tourism campaign also.

4. John Abraham:

Closely associated with PETA, this actor has been working for animal rights for a long time. He shies away on being asked of his social services. He has his own brigade as ‘John’s Brigade’ that works towards providing shelter for the needy.

5. Nana Patekar:

This talented actor has been donating money to widows of farmers in Maharashtra since september and has been helping farmers financially through an NGO he runs with actor Makrand Anaspure.

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