While it is quite off to imagine the beauty kings and queens of Bollywood as tiny chubby cheeks, it is equally amazing to see them grow up in front of our eyes.  There are many celebrities of Bollywood who have come a long way since their initial short and small appearances in commercials, serials and movies.

Here we are enlisting 7 such celeb stars of Bollywood who got to start their career right from their childhood. Many would be a surprise for most of you; some did surprise me as well!

 1. Imran Khan –

This dashing star of Bollywood had appeared earlier as young Amir Khan. Being Aamir Khan’s own nephew, Imran had Aamir at his side even as a small child and got him his way to Bollywood. Besides, who can play young Aamir Khan better than his own nephew in the movies  Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander and Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak.

2. Alia Bhatt –

Sure enough, Alia Bhatt is among Bollywood’s most adored and popular young, present generation stars. As one of the youngest famous face of Bollywood today, Alia Bhatt got her fame fire with the movie, Highway. Anyway, you can see her as a chubby cheeked adorable child if you decide to watch the old day hit- Sangharsh- in which young alia played a sensitive child.

3. Aftab Shivdasani –

Though Aftab Shivdasani cannot be listed out as one of the faces in Bollywood enjoying quite much of fame in recent times, he, as a kid was pretty popular face on screen. To be more clear, he found his place on screen as early as a mere 14 month old. That time, Aftab was selected as the face of baby products from Farex. Thereafter, he appeared on screen numerous times in many hit bollywood movies like Insaaniyat, Shahenshah, Mr. India, ChaalBaaz, and more.

4. Hrithik Roshan –

Hrithik Roshan is certainly one of those Big Bollywood stars on whom women die upon and have got an endless fan streams. He’s a perfect blend of action and dancing skills and beauty. Well, it is quite amusing to think that this amazing man had made appearance, not as a superhero but as a cute little guy hen he was just 6 years old.

5. Shahid Kapoor –

While he seems pretty occupied after marriage, Shahid has certainly done few hits too. His journey, going on and of screens had begun while he was a child itself. He has done several big and small screen roles as a child. One of them is him playing “the complan boy” in the Complan commercial alongside Ayesh Takia.

6. Aamir khan –

It becomes quite difficult to believe that this actor, Aamir khan, who is known to take up some real serious, emotion filled, hit roles have appeared as a naughty little guy on old screens. Yaadon ki Baarat was the first movie he did as a kid. Sure enough, he has taken up a pretty long journey.

7. Shridevi –

This Bollywood wonder was of just 4 when she did her first movie! Her performance then had even won her Kerala State Film Award!

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