1. Panakala Narasimha Swamy temple, Andhra pradesh –

Panakala Narasimha Swamy is located on Mangalagiri in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Beliefs are of self-existence of the deity here. Thus, the temple has no ideal/statue to worship. Instead, there is just a wide-open mouth on the wall.


The temple is special for the deity-feeding ritual. Panakam i.e. jaggery water is poured into the open mouth (on wall) and one can hear a gargling sound quite clearly, which makes it look/ seem as if someone is actually drinking it. The ritual is carried on on a daily basis, and all devotees can make the panakam offering. Since panakam is particular here, the diety here came to be known as Panakala Narasimha Swamy.

2. Arulmigu Bhavani Sangameshwarar Temple, Tamil Nadu –

The ancient temple in the Erode District got its name due to the confluence of 3 rivers Bhavani, Kaveri, and Amutha. Due to the same, it is also popular as Dakshina Triveni Sangamam. The temple, in its whole is believed and worshipped as a Shiva Linga and so, Nandi, Shiva’s bull is placed outside.

Devotees from different parts of the country come here, offering the final rites to the ones who met some unfortunate death. It is believed that this can let their souls rest in peace. A unique thing here is that the skulls of the bodies cremated here do not burst.

The temple is a perfect instance of the sculptural excellence of ancient craftsmen!


3. The Bharat Mata Temple, Varanasi –

Indians are unbeatable when it comes to patriotism. What can be a way better for honouring this spirit than a temple wholly dedicated to our nation- Bharat Mata. The temple was by Babu Shiv Prasad Gupt. Situated in Varanasi, the temple was inaugurated by Gandhiji himself in the year 1936. The deity worshipped here is built in for of Indian Map, and is built in marble. The temple is an honour to each of those who took part in independence and build-up of India as nation.

4. The Baijnath Temple at Palampur, Himachal Pradesh –

The temple is believed to be the place where Lankan King Ravana meditated for a long period. The temple is few centuries old and is believed to be a mark of Ravana’s kingdom. There are no gold shops in palampur due to the faith that all the gold deposits belong to Ravan. The belief still exists that if someone tries to put a jewellery store, he would meet death or some other tragedy. It is however an architectural wonder.

5. Kala dungar temple, Gujarat –

The temple is few centuries old.  There is a tradition of feeding jackals twice a day here. The tradition came into existence after a saint called Pachmai Peer fed jackals chopping out his own hand when there was no food at his own ashram. The tradition has not been missed ever in past 400 years.

Kala Dungar is the tallest hill in the whole of Kachchh.

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