The land of yoga and the person who gave the world ‘zero’, India surely is a magnificent place that continues to amuse its visitors as well as residents with its mind boggling diversity. The sub-continent never stops to impress with its vast variety and rich and ancient cultural heritage. However, with its centuries-long past, India is also home to some of the most peculiar and strange places on the planet. The phenomenons occurring in these areas are not only unexplained, but promise to give you chills simply by listening about them.


To introduce you with these scary places on the sub-continent, here is a list of 8 strange places in India that are definitely worth giving a visit, unless you have a mellow heart!

1. The Skeleton Lake – Roopkund

The place is exactly what its name suggests – a lake shore full of skeletons! Hundreds of bones and remains of humans are found on the lake’s edge. The lake is a high-altitude glacial lake. It is located in Uttarakhand, in the Chamoli district.

2. Bhangarh Fort – Rajasthan

Located in Alwar, Rajasthan the Bhangarh Fort is famous for its historical ruins and being one of the most haunted places of the country.

3. Dhanushkodi – Rameswaram

Known by the names Lost Land and Ghost City, the Dhanushkodi beach is located on the tip of the Rameswaram Island. The place is going to give you the chills for sure!

4. Mayong – Assam

Known as the land of black magic, the village lies 40 kms outwards to the city of Guwahati. Many stories of disappearance of people and their conversion into animals is associated with the village.

5. Jatinga – Assam

Being the second strange place in the city of Assam, the Jatinga village in Assam is known as the place for mass bird suicide! Hundreds of birds fly into trees during the nights of September and October, killing themselves with the impact.

6. Magnetic Hill – Ladakh

Located at one of the highest points on Earth, the Magnetic hill has the capacity to attract cars and motor vehicles towards itself, even when the ignition is off. All hail the power of gravity!

7. Karni Mata Temple – Rajasthan

That India has numerous deities in infinite number of forms is no surprise. However, the Karni Mata Temple takes this devotion up a notch, as it revers rats. Known as the temple of Rats, the Karni Mata Temple is home to more than 20,000 rats which are kept and fed by the temple.

8. New Lucky Restaurant – Ahmedabad

Taking the definition of fine dining to a whole new level, the New Lucky Restaurant gives you a chance to dine with the dead! The restaurant is built upon centuries-old cemetery, with actual graves lying between and beneath the dining tables. How is that for a boost in appetite?


If peculiar places is what you were looking for, we have surely given you a lot to feast upon. You can set out on a strange and haunting journey of your own!

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