While you are busy conversing in your daily life with your fellow Indians, it might not occur to you that the language you speak so commonly had a list of enticing facts embedded within it. Spoken almost all across the Indian sub-continent, Hindi – The major language of India, has a profound background of its own. Often eclipsed by the majestic and ancient Sanskrit language, Hindi has more to its background than you realise. And we want you to be aware of these awesome facts about the Hindi language!


Read on to find out 10 facts about Hindi Language that we bet you do not know about:

1. Numerous English Words have been borrowed from Hindu

A number of words in the English language, as we see them today, have been borrowed from Hindi. A few examples are jungle, thug, yoga, guru, karma, among the many others.

2. 14 September is the official Hindi day

The Hindi language was adapted and identified as the official language by the Indian Constitution for the union on 14 September, 1949. Since then, the day is known as Hind Day.

3. Hindi is one of the top 5 most spoken language around the globe

Being one of the most popular languages, the Hindi language is spoken by almost 500 million people across the world!

4. Hindi typewriters hit the market in the 1930s

During the British Raj, Hindi typewriters were introduced in the market during the 1930s.

5. Hindi is also spoken in 6 other countries

While the majority of speakers reside in India, it is not the only country where Hindi is spoken. Apart from India, the Hindi language also has a majority of speakers in Nepal, Guyana, Mauritius, Fiji, Trinidad & Tobago and Suriname.

6. The name “Hindi” has Persian origins

Contrary to what you might guess, the term Hindi was not coined by the grand-daddy language – Sanskrit. The word Hindi was coined by the Persian word “hind” that meant the land of the river Indus.

7. Bihar was the first state to adopt Hindi as its official language

Way back in the year 1881, Bihar replaced the Urdu language as its sole official language with Hindi. At the time, the state had become the first one in India to have adopted it as its sole official language.

8. The first Hindi book was published in 1805

Prem Sagar” by author Lallu Lal was the first Hindi book to be published ever. The book is a tribute to Lord Krishna, elaborating his deeds.

9. The script of Hindi is phonetic

Unlike English, the script of Hindi is phonetic. This implies that unlike the former, Hindi is pronounced exactly as it is written.

10. Hindi became the official language of India in 1965

While the formal language of the country is English, Hindi was adopted as the official language of India in 1965.

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