Human have got something very much in common- fear. This emotion don’t bias between anybody. We all have got some kind of fears. Some people have those fears grown into phobias. While many a phobias are not so weird to hear and is acceptable, understandable and somewhat common, there are few other phobias which might actually sound weird. It looks like our great celebrities are no exceptions to that weirdness.
listed below are some strange phobias of our loved celebrities, which could set you laughing.

Now some of these might sound somewhat crazy.

1. Katrina has got a phobia of tomatoes:

We all remember her covered in tomatoes from tip to toe in one of her hits, Zindagi na milegi dobara. What we didn’t realize was that it just made her fear of tomatoes worse. There are records of her refusal of a millions worth deal merely because it was of a tomato ketchup!

2. Sonam Kapoor and elevators!

Yeah, her phobia is as unique as her overall self. This chirpy actress fear elevators so much that she would prefer steps at first place anywhere and if she need to get into lift, she would squeeze up by a corner!

3. Phobia of fruits? That’s just right about Abhishek Bachan:

Sure he’s not so much into fitness and al that. But being an actor, fruit is nothing new, right? Well junior bachchan hates fruits so much that he admits of never having eaten fruits. He would run hills up if he see fruits anywhere, just like he did in a cookery show!

4. Ajay devgan’s Phobia of eating with dirty hands:

Yeah, for celebs, forks and knive might not be ne things. But in Ajay’s case, it’s his permanent mate- he never eat by hand! He is so afraid of having dirty hands that he uses forks for chappatis even!

5. No horse riding for Shah Rukh khan:

Difficult to believe huh? But yeah that is true.This badshah of Bollywood, who is known to take up and deal with many a stunts himself is actually afraid of horse riding! Now I know why haven’t I seem his around so much with horses!

6. Arjun Kapoor’s phobia of ceiling fans:

This person, who has gathered quite a pool of fans doing few hits having pretty much of actions, in such a short while, is actually terrified by ceiling fans. He is afraid of fans so much that he doesn’t have a single ceiling fan at his place!

7. Anushka  fear bike riding:

You would sure be saying “what?”. We have all seen her storming on bike in Rab ne bana di Jodi and few others. Well yeah, that is what. She was actually terrified by the concept of bike riding. She have anyway appreciably mastered her fears now.

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