Harmandir sahib, the Golden temple situated in Amritsar, Punjab, is one of the most significant shrines of Sikhs.  The cornerstone of the temple was laid in 1588. It was under the supervision of Guru Arjan dev that the work had started. The holy place attracts millions of tourists every year. The tourists are not limited to Sikh religion. People from all the religions visit the beautiful place. The enchanting beauty and peace just adds to the religious significance and attractions of the place.

Its beauty and glory is famous world-wide. However, there are some really interesting facts about the temple that you and many other people across the world might not know. These 5 facts would just make you more drawn towards the religious place.

1. Purpose and messages of the structure:

The structure of the temple itself sends out few awesome messages. The temple has got entrance gates from all the 4 directions. This signifies the importance of union. This indicates every human, irrespective of his religion, caste, gender or any such man made boundaries is allowed inside the temple. Also, the name Harmandir sahib itself means temple of god. Thus, it suggest visualising go as a dingle faith. Also, the temple is build a level below the ground level. The person visiting the place will have to move downwards. This signifies the importance of humbleness.

2. Amrit sarovar:

Golden temple stands in middle of this sacred pool and this is where the name “Amritsar” origins.

3. Story behind the name- the golden temple:

The temple which was constructed originally in 1601, was blown away several times during the Mughal reign after the death of Guru Gobind Singh. In fact, the temple was blown 5 times and attacked several more times. The temple was rebuilt and plated in gold by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, who came into power in the year 1801. He was in fact the only sikh ruler to assume power. Before that, the temple was blown under the instruction of Ahmad Shah in 1762.

4. Cornerstone laid by a Muslim:

Mian mir was a famous sufi saint in late 16th He was a friend of Guru Arjan dev. It was Mian Mir who has laid the cornerstone of the temple onn the request of Guru Arjan dev. The purpose of this proposal was to spread the message of openness to all faiths.

5. Sacrifice and vows of Baba Deep singh:

Baba deep singh ji is said to be the first head of the Sikh school, called Damdami Taksal as per the sikh beliefs and histories. He had taken a vow of taking his last breath in the temple premises itself. When Mughal invaded Amritsar in 1757 and defiled the sacred, pious pool, Baba deep sing, then 75, along with his 5000 men fought against them a battle which was held few kilometres from the temple. when his head was sliced he held it together with a hand while fighting the way back, to fulfil the oath he took.

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