Those who head out in search of lesser known places may find this one useful. While most of the travel groups head out for the popular destinations, larger sections miss out the lesser known but equally beautiful monuments. In fact, there are places that deserve to be more famous that few other popular ones, but they just didn’t. The ‘why’ is beyond me.

Well, here is the list of 7 such monuments in India that are built amazingly but are lesser known for some reasons. You might want to visit them soon!

1. Bada Bagh –

Bada Bagh is a beautifully set example of old-era artistic works and skills, constructed wholly in yellow sandstones. The spot is locatated in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan and used to be a resting place for many royal family members. A key feature it has is numerous cenotaphs built in royal honour and really astounding intricate works on the structures. The place offers some really stunning views of sunset from there.

2. Chini Ka Rauza –

It is a tomb built by prime minister of Shah Jahan, Mulla Shukrullah Shirazi, for himself, during Shah Jahan’s reign. He was a renowned scholar and poet as well. The tomb is built astoundingly in an Indo-Persian design and the surface is covered with colourful tiles called ‘chini’. Islamic texts and other inscriptions on the tiles and other parts and walls of the tomb is a key attraction to this monument.

3. Salim ki Haveli –

Present in the list of amazing monuments of Jaisalmer is Salim ki Haveli, which have its peacock-structured roof as a key distinction from other Havelis in Rajasthan. It is a seventeenth century architecture finished in yellow sandstone. Few attractions that this place has is the peacock roof structures, elephant sculptures numerous balconies etc.

4. Kanch Mahal –

An evidence of Mughal architecture at its best is Kanch Mahal, located near Akbar’s tomb in agra. It is a square shaped structure which was actually built for royal Mughal ladies and was later used as the ‘shikargarh’ for Jahangir. It is called Kanch Mahal because of abundance of breathtakingly beautiful tile works. Its outside is covered in red  stone and plaster.

5. Sarkhej Roza –

Sarkhej Roza is a mosque as well as a tomb complex, situated in a village called Makaraba, near Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Since the Sufi Saint Ahmad Ganj Baksh lived here once, it is as well famous for its sufi culture. It is also popular in the name of “Ahmedabad’s Acropolis”.

6. Marble palace –

Located in Kolkata, is this beautiful structure showcasing Bengali architecture. It was built by Raja Rajendra Mullick, and the heirs of the royal family still reside at the palace while tourists are allowed here.

7. Itmad-ud-Daulah Tomb –

This Mughal tomb, built amidst the Persian gardens known as char bagh, was a resting place for Noor Jahan, the beloved wife of Emperor Jahangir, and her father.

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