Agra is known for Taj Mahal of course; a major sections of Agra visitors have the same reason for visiting the historic town of Agra that is, one of the seven great wonders, the symbol of unconditional love, Taj Mahal. Anyway, what you perhaps do not know is that the historical city has so much more covered in it than what we actually know. The city has so much of diversified cultures and old structured scattered across the land. Above all, the city majorly has a strong Mughal influence with years of being a Mughal main-place or capital. The delicate lattice works and high domes are just a reminder of the same. Its close proximity to the national capital adds to its popularity among the quick domestic as well as international visitors.

Here are five such things that, there is a great chance, you don’t know about this city of majestic architectural monuments, tombs and mausoleums. You can sure keep these in mind for the next time you are visiting Agra.

1. The Baby Taj –

The beauty of Taj is sure a reflection of the love embedded in it. Of course the beautiful Taj Mahal is the most important monument in Agra. Anyway, Baby Taj is something you must not miss. It is yet another lovely monument housed by Agra. It is the mausoleum of an important minister in Emperor Shah Jahan’s court, Mir Ghiyas Beg. The monument was constructed even before the great Taj was built and was the actual first architecture in white marble. Thus it became popular in the name is Baby Taj.

2. Poison detecting plates –

The Agra museum in the Taj Mahal gardens put out the plates for display in which food used to be served for the royal family. Speciality was that it would crack if poisonous food was served in it. Things like this are the ones that completely blow my mind wondering about the intelligence of old guys. Still he no idea how they would have put these up together!

3. UNESCO heritage sites –

Agra houses three UNESCO world heritage sites that is Agra Fort, Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri and is the only city in India that have 3 such sites in it. Moreover, all the three had an place in a famous Sherlock Holmes series called The Sign Of The Four.

4. Chini Ka Rauza –

The famous tomb of Mulla Shukrullah Shirazi, the prime minister during Shah Jahan’s Reign, in Agra is somewhat an actual instance if ‘Digging one’s own grave’. He built his own tomb when he was alive, in typical and attractive Indo-Persian manner. Interesting, huh?

5. Taj Ganj – 

Tales related to Taj Mahal says that it took about 20000 workers and their 22 years of hard work to complete it and that their arms were cut to prevent any replication. Taj ganj is the colony set up by those workers. It is one of the preferred places of low-cost stays now.

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