Endangered species are native species to a place that face a risk of extinction in the near time. So, people need to take action quickly to save such species. There are many reasons for the decline in the number of such species such as human interference, habitat loss, pressure from any other species or even climate change.

India has one of the richest flora in the world, and the country is known for its rich and varied environment. Over 6% of the total plant species in the world can be found in India, which accounts for almost 15000 flowering plants which you can find in India. Around 1/4th of the world species is at the risk of extinction and same is the case with some of these unusual yet beautiful plants found in India. Let us tell you about some of these common plants which are very beautiful but have become a rare sight!

1. Lotus Corniculatus13124981_f520

Belonging to the family of peas, this plant has pretty yellow flowers which are a delight to the eyes. You can find these flowers along the street or roadside. These plants are grown for hay as well as pasture. The sight of the seed pods on the stalk of this flower has also given it the name Bird’s foot.

2. Diospyros Celibica13124989_f520

This flowering tree is very popular because of its wood. It is also known as the ebony tree and its wood is considered to be the best to make high quality furniture. But, in the past few years, this tree has become a rare sight.

3. Acacia Planifrons13124993_f520

This tree is a short tree or shrub and is also known as Umbrella Thorn. The name of Umbrella thorn is given to this tree as it looks like a spread umbrella when it grows fully. The tree is called Kudai Vel in the state of Tamil Nadu.

4. Chlorophytum Tuberosum


This plant is also endangered and is called musli. This flowering plant is native to India as well as Africa. The plant is used as a source of vigor and strength.

5. Abutilon Indicum


This flowering plant is found in the sub tropical and tropical regions and is known as the Indian Mallow. The plant is called athiballa in Sanskrit while thuthi in the Tamil Language. The roots, flowers, leaves and stem of the plant have various medicinal uses.

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