India is a country where people speak different languages, follow different religions and culture. There are many famous places that one can visit. These places and cities are not only beautiful but amazing to live in. Today we will discuss such places one by one:

1. Temples:-temples-in-kerala

India has lot of historical places and there is lot to know about its history. It is a diverse country where people speak around 22 languages. There are many beautiful temples located at different places. The Golden temple of Amritsar, Chola temples and temple of Mahabalipuram etc. are some of the few places that one must visit.

2. Safari & Outdoor activities:-jeep-safari-1024x768

India has lot of deserts, mountains, beaches and safari activities. You can enjoy camping, rafting and see varied animals of India during jungle safari.

3. Jaipur city:-jaipur1

Jaipur is known as pink city because it has many tourist attractions. You can find Hawa Mahal, Shopping malls, Amber Fort and Camel rides etc. in this city. The beauty of this city will not only attract you but will take your heart away. There are many areas good for sight-seeing.


4. Mumbai:-aag_27641818-h1-002exterior53-3x2

It is India’s Hollywood where you will find lot of Bollywood stars. Besides that there are beautiful museums. Like New York City, Mumbai is an entertainment capital of country. You will find endless sightseeing structures here. Besides its beauty, you can find spicy food to taste in Mumbai. The foody people will get crazy after tasting it. One must definitely visit this city once they visit India.


5. Taj Mahal & Red Fort:-taj-mahal

The Taj Mahal is located in Agra. It is the monument built by famous emperor Shan Jahan in the memory of his loving wife Mumtaj. He was the richest emperor during 17th century. You should check out the beauty of this place. There are amazing views and structures that will make you crazy. Like this there is red fort which is built by Mughals. It will depict the history of Mughals.

Besides, above places there are many places that one can visit in India. You can explore its beauty deeply but one should have proper knowledge about the country.

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