When we look back to history, the City of nawabs seems to have witnessed countless brutal murders of innocent souls, giving it several haunted places of its own. Here are the five most haunted places in Lucknow.

1. OEL house:


It is said that during the early revels of independence, several soldiers were killed and thrown into a well in this place. Having killed brutally, their spirits are said to wander here. The house originally belonged to Wajid Ali Shah. Later chancellor of Lucknow university took over the place for residing there and did not pay heed to what people warned about the place. It is said that VC’s young boy met death as a result of spiritual activities which triggered when he used to throw pebbles into the well.Later, he with the help of priests and such, got the well covered and sealed.

2. Railway quarters:


Story of this place can make you believe how an extramarital affair can turn a place to most haunted place! The quarter was allotted to Bill turner, an engineer employed with railways at that time who lived there with her elegant wife. Things were going smooth but Bill caught his wife red-handed with her lover and he lost it. Not only did he kill both of them then and there, he killed himself as well. That time onward, the quarter is famous a haunted place. People claims to have seen mysterious shadows and heard of grievous or horrifying sounds. The quarter, though location not known now, to be exact, it is believed to have the spirits of Bill.

3. Sikandra bagh:


The place has its place in pages of history. If you ever visit the place and ask the localites about it, the stories they tell about this place will not let you sleep soundly that night! This well known historical place is known even more for the spirits that roam there. It is said that the a number of Britishers had inhumanely killed thousands of freedom fighters in those days. They left their bodies to be eaten by wild and to get rotten. Those who were given this brutal death,are believed to roam here! Some localites even claim to have seen mysterious shadows and vague people here.

4. Begum Kothi:


This historical place is said to have witnessed hundreds or brutal killing during the colonial period and the spirits of those killed are said to wander around the place, aching it one of the most haunted places. There are no particularly sure history regarding the creepiness that covers the place, but it is believed to be related to it’s association with the mass killings.

5. Nirala Nagar:


this colonial place, in the central part of the city, is said to have consistent supernatural and ghostly activities going on. The story regarding this place is that the place used to house 2 cemeteries with numerous people buried there. When the colony was built here, it is said to have awakened the spirits, which made this place one of the most haunted places there. Several people have seen smoky images, hanging dead bodies etc. here.

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