India has bundle of places to attract visitors round the clock. You get an opportunity to indulge in many natural beauties like snow clad gigantic mountains, cute Islands, wide spread desserts and lush green filled forests. And the island destinations are definitely worth visiting in the country. Pen down these places in your must visit holiday destinations list!

1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands:


Will it be fair if we start the list with any other Island leaving one of our most popular Andaman and Nicobar Islands? A group of 572 picturesque islands together form this Andaman and Nicobar Islands. These Islands are no ordinary islands as they have many scenic views which leave the visitors with mesmerising experience. Yes, you will be assured to see rare species of corals, plants and animals, lush green rain forests, wide spread silvery beaches and many more. Stay and food are not a problem as there is many budget as well as high class hotels available with more sea food to enjoy. The islands are connected well by air and sea from mainland India.

2. Lakshadweep:


Lovely 36 islands together form the popular Lakshadweep islands. Sandy beaches and coral reef can definitely make you go mad with joy. You can enjoy the rich marine wealth by seeing many varieties of Sea weeds, sword fish, Sea urchins, eels, corals, trigger fish and many more. In fact, you can enjoy the major attraction of Lakshadweep, marine museum. Accommodation and transportation is not a problem as you will be able to make choice according to your budget.

3. Munroe Islands:


Eight small islands together are located at God’s own country, with the name as Munroe islands.  The exact location of Munroe islands is the Kollam district of Kerala. This island is well connected by rail, road, and in fact the most enjoyable inland water navigation.  You can definitely enjoy the most unique things like coir weaving, coir retting, prawns feeding, fishing, lagoons, coconut farms and many more.

4. Rameshwaram:


Located in between Sri Lanka and peninsular India, Rameshwaram is basically a pilgrimage centre. Many temples with loads of heritage associated with them can be relished at Rameshwaram. You can enjoy the beautiful sight of sun rising here. Connected with a longest bridge namely Pamban Bridge, Rameshwaram can be easily reached and is also with better accommodations.

5. Islands of Cauvery River:


Three Islands namely Srirangapatnam, Shivanasamudram and Nisargadhama are formed with cauvery river that is leaving the kodagu hills. These islands are well connected with national highways from the popular cities Bangalore and Mysore. A unique feature to mention is an egg shape island is formed by two divisions of cauvery river.

6. Cochin Island:


God’s own country has many natural water beauties and one among them is Cochin Island. A popular vacation spot, Cochin attracts both Indian and international visitors. You can enjoy to the fullest by visiting rich heritage spots, islands, sail through backwaters, Chinese fishing nets, natural harbour and many more. Reaching Cochin is not a problem as it is well connected through air, rail, road and sea.



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