There are many public servants who can be remembered for their braveness and dedication to our country. Here are such people who have shown the power of patriotism while discharging their duties as public servants. Some among these people have even lost their life for the sake this nation. We salute to their service.

1. Narendra Kumar:


Narendra Kumar IPS is police man from Bihar who lost his life fighting against the mining corruption in Morena. He was posted in morena, Madhya Pradesh in 2012 after starting his carrier as policeman in 2009. He was killed at the age of 30 for fighting against the mining mafia in morena. He was killed when he tried to halt the tractor which carried illegal mined stones. His wife MadhuraniTewatia IAS is also a public servant. He is remembered for his bravery and dedication to his duty.

2. Chandrakala:


She is the district magistrate of Bijnour, Uttar Pradesh. She is known for fighting against the corrupted officers and the officers doing injustice to their jobs. Though she was transferred for the same, she remains to be outspoken against the corruptions. She completed her IAS training in 2008. Her video of shouting against the 3 corrupted contractors went viral in the internet.

3. Satyendra dubey:


He was project director in NHAI, koderma in Jharkhand. He was placed in the project Golden Quadrilateral, in which he found many financial irregularities and corruptions. He was courageous to expose such irregularities in the industry by writing to the PM Attal Bihari Vajpayee. He was shot dead in the Gaya, Bihar for his courage to bring the corruption to the light in the industry.

4. Armstrong Pame:


He is known to be ‘miracle man’ in Manipur. He is an IAS officer since 2008. Though he is not much popular, his contribution and dedication to the society is remarkable. He build 100 km road known as “Peoples’ Road” from Manipur to the rest of state. He did this by contributing his own savings and pooling the money from many people through Facebook and internet.

5. Shanmugam Manjunath:


He was sales manager in Indian oil corporation. He was killed for sealing the two petrol bunks, which sold adulterated fuel, in Lakhimpur kheri area of Uttar Pradesh. His body was found in his car backseat with 6 bullets in his body on the same night he went for surprise ride to the petrol bunks that operated illegally.

6. Shivdeepwamanlande:


He is an IPS officer of 2006 batch. He popular in the media for his all good works. He served as SP for Special task force in Patna, Bihar. During his tenure, he arrested many criminals, closed many liquor shops, took action against eve teasers and fighted against medice mafia.

7. Sagayam:


He is a civil servant from Tamilnadu who played great role in fighting against many illegal social activities. He is transferred 20 times in his 20 years’ service. He fought against corruptions like granite mining, illegal use of subsidized gas cylinders and vote buying.

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