The Indian real estate sector has been one of the fast growing markets in the last decade. With increasing footage to bring in foreign investment into India and the more recent “Make in India” campaign gaining strength, the sector is literally in a booming phase. The boom is not just in the metros or the big cities, but it has also reached the suburbs and smaller towns. With more companies finding India as a lucrative place for outsourcing and setting up their industry, there has been a huge boost to the real estate market in India. Let us take a look at 5 such Indian cities where the real estate prices are soaring steadily and are a good place for your investment to grow.

1. Chennai:chennai_central_station_panorama

The real estate has seen a massive development in this southern city where more and more IT companies are setting up their shops. With more employment opportunities in the bay, there are many people migrating to this city, creating a huge demand in the real estate sector.  To meet the increasing demands, the city has been expanding to its suburbs like Singaperumalkoil, Sholinganallur, Guduvanchery, etc.  The infrastructure in many of these places are well established and with multiple IT companies opening their offices here, the real estate is looking at a huge boom and is a great place to put your money in.

2. Delhi- NCR:gurgaon-unclear-web

There is no doubt on the importance our National Capital Region holds in terms of real estate, with more people migrating every month. This place is definitely a great place to invest in real estate, thanks to the multiple IT parks emerging in the Noida and Gurgaon regions. With satellite cities like Greater Noida, Bhiwadi, Sohna Road, etc. coming into place, one cannot undermine the land value in these regions.

3. Pune:118

Whether you are looking for a luxurious living space or a commercial office space, you get everything at a much better rate in this city. The city is bordered with quite a few areas which are developing fast and there are many MNCs looking to move their operations to this place. There are already quite a few projects going on in this city, and is probably the right time to invest to see a good ROI on your investment.

4. Bangalore:personal-loans-in-bangalore

Of course, the Silicon Valley of India definitely holds a place in the top cities to invest in real estate. With more areas in Bengaluru (as it is called now), like North Bengaluru, Krishnarajapuram and Hebbal joining the development race, there are a lot of opportunities for real estate investment. Also, the growth is expected to continue steadily in the years to come, which means a potential ROI on your money.

5. Mumbai:mumbai_q60

The financial hub and the Bollywood home town is not to be left behind in the real estate market. The Eastern Freeway project has just opened quite a few doors of investment into real estate, bringing in more suburbs, extending the city limits. This is the perfect place and opportunity to invest in real estate in this tinsel town.

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