Home to the Cool Captain MS Dhoni, there are many things that will make you take a second look at the state of Jharkhand. We have tried to compile a list of twelve such interesting facts about this eastern state for your eyes.


The tribes of the Jharkhand region speak a language which is in many ways similar to the language spoken by the Harappans in the Indus Valley Civilization. This discovery has further helped in deciphering the Harappan inscriptions.


The tribes in Jharkhand were the first to rebel against the British rule way before the mutiny in 1857. The Santhal region tribes revolted in the year 1771 and the revolt was led by Tilka Manjhi.


The Parasnath, with the Shikharji Jain Temple is the highest point in the state of Jharkhand, located at 1366m above the sea level. The importance of this place lies in the fact that, according to the Jain tradition, nearly 23 out of the 24 Tirthankaras, have attained their salvation in this place. Thus it is considered as a great pilgrimage point of the Jains.


Jamshedpur from the eastern Jharkhand is also referred to as the Steel city. Another fact is that it is often referred to as the Pittsburgh of India.


As much as the industries are flourishing in the state, there is also quite a lot of flora and fauna to watch out here. The mere presence of many different wildlife sanctuaries are standing testimonies to this fact. The Saranda forest is a major tourist attraction among the other tourist spots for its pure green vegetation and unbound wildlife.


Damoda, often referred to as the Sorrow of Bengal, for it used to change its course very often causing great grievance to the civilization. The river, which happens to be a tributary of Ganga, originates in this state and now houses the power stations to harness hydel and thermal energies. The project is based on the Tennessee Valley Authority in USA.

7. coal_mine_in_dhanbad_india

The state is also well endowed with a variety of minerals including iron ore, coal, gold, silver, manganese, bauxite, copper ore, limestone, graphite, thorium, chromite, uranium, and more contributing heavily to the total production of the country in these minerals.


Bokaro district has the famous Bokaro steel city, which is the first planned town in the country and is also the place to house the largest steel plant of the country.


The state boasts a very pleasant climate all through the year, as the entire place is situated in an elevated level above the plateau of Chotanagpur.


Ranchi, which is the state capital, used to serve as a hill station for British and the summer capital for Bihar, before the split of Jharkhand.


The state also houses many reputed educational institutions like XLRI, National Institute of Technology, IIM Ranchi, Birla Institute of Technology, etc.


The state also takes credit for being the birth place of many famous personalities including MS Dhoni, archer Deepika Kumari,film actor R Madhavan, actress Priyanka Chopra and more.

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