Indian army has proved their excellence in toughest situation too. Facing a harsh weather along with tough enemy is not as easy as you think. Siachen, the world’s highest and coldest active war zone is watching the Indian army’s strong efforts in holding its position over years. Our brave hearts are marching in spite of unbearable weather conditions in order to keep our enemy Pakistan away from claiming the glacier. We will look into the 8 things that Indian army braved in Siachen which you can’t even think of it in dreams.


How many of us can sleep in a king size bed? I know the immediate answer that will slip out of your tongue is 2. You will be shocked to know that our brave Indian soldiers used to sleep as many as 6 at a time. Small Kerosene stoves are the only heating element to keep them warm.


Unbearable temperature of -50 degree Celsius is a usual thing in Siachen. If you touch any metal with bare hands can cause deadly frost bites immediately. Handling the Guns and other artillery is possible only if they wear anti-frostbite gloves.


Depression, nausea, Speech problems and sleep deprivation are few common problems our soldiers have to withstand in winters. Our great Indian Army is the one who is controlling two of the three most important passes in spite of all these difficulties that they face. Khardungla Pass, the highest motorable pass in the world is under India’s control. All these are possible only with our great Indian soldiers who are not only fighting our enemy but these extreme weather conditions too.


Eating freshly prepared food is like a dream come true for our Jawans. Fruits or vegetables turn as hard as a stone, only option is to survive on canned ones. The food is dropped from Indian made cheetah helicopters but you get to reach them only if you are damn lucky than the snow.


Bathing daily is in fact a luxury for them and they do it only once a month because they might freeze in that weather. The only source of drinking water is by melting the ice on stoves.


A highest helipad was build by our marching brave hearts in a place called Sonam in Siachen. The main usage of this pad is to bring in needed supplies all year round, which is located at 21,000 feetabove the sea level.


Almost 35 feet of Snow is common sight here. Our Indian army not only fights the enemy but also need to maintain the post with light equipments.


Even professional climbers might face loads of difficulty at this place because of frequent snow storms but our Indian army is patrolling each minute.


Our Indian Army is playing their toughest game in Siachen, they not only fight our enemy but these harsh weather conditions in spite of many soldiers falling prey for the unexpected avalanches, camouflaging snow sheets and blizzards. A heart felt salute to our Indian army with heavy heart.

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