Today’s kids are more glued to gadgets all the time. Parents try their level best to keep them away form the gadgets but all in vein. A wonderful solution for this inculcating the reading habit for kids, this habit not only diverts them from gadgets but can improve many skills like memory, concentration, patience, vocabulary etc.

Let us look at Top 10 children’s magazine/newspaper’s in India to subscribe.

1. Tinkle


I am sure as a kid; you would have also loved reading Tinkle for colorful and attractive cartoon pictures. This is a monthly comic magazine suitable for 6+ year age group. Including 72 pages, this magazine costs 40 rupees. Interesting cartoon stories including our favorite characters like Suppandi, Ramu and Shamu, Shikari Shambu are the highlight of this magazine. Apart from cartoon stories, they also have puzzles, jokes, crafts etc.

2. Magic pot


One of the popular magazines, Magic pot, has variety of stories, coloring pages, puzzles, activities, etc. The main attraction for this magazine is freebies that come attached with each issue. The cost of this magazine is 15 rupees and suitable for 3-7 years kids.

3. Robinage


This fun filled weekly children newspaper is suitable for 4-12 years group. Costing rupees 15 per issue, Robinage have loads of engaging stuffs inside. Cool DIYs, moral stories, Current affairs, puzzles, activities and many more.

4. Champak


Similar to Tinkle, Champak is one of our childhood favorite. Isn’t it? This fortnightly magazine is costing 30 rupees per issue. Suitable for 6+ years; this magazine contains puzzles, moral stories, brain teasers, comic strips, jokes and many more.

5. Highlights Genie and Champs


This monthly magazine suitable for 2-6 years group is suitable for early learners. Picture puzzles, DIY activities, Cutout cards, spot the silly activity, etc. All you need to pay is 40 rupees for the magazine and let your children start their learning habit. Highlight Champs is available for elderly kids around age 6-12 years.

6. Chandamama


Classical Indian styled stories enhance the knowledge of our cultural heritage in our kids. Costing 20 rupees per issue, they do have junior Chandamama with attractive pictures, activities, stories, riddles and many more.

7. Children’s Digest


Educative magazine with wide learning opportunity of provided in Children’s Digest. Word play puzzles, curious facts, Quizzes, Snippets, Crosswords, more and more are assured in this magazine. Pay rupees 25 to buy one for your kid, you will be able to notice the improvement.

8. Brainwave


How do we make Science a fun loving subject? You should try Brainwave for your kiddos. This fantastic magazine engages kids by delivering science through fun way lie stories, visuals and characters.

9. Impulse Toot


The cover page of this magazine is so attractive that your kids would definitely be tempted to read. A mini book version to cut and read is an interesting aspect of this magazine. Pay 65 rupees and gift it for 4+ year kids.

10. Kids Explore


For young learners who are gearing up for reading habit, this Kids Explore is a great option. Interactive learning with puzzles, stories, activities can be achieved at rupees 15.

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