Ramayana wouldn’t have happened without Ravana. Right? Ravana was a demon who abducted Rama’s wife Sita. He was considered as a demon and his statue is being fired to symbolize that evil is getting destroying. But, there are loads of other things about Ravana which was not bought to limelight. Shall we have a look at 9 facts about Ravana which would change the way you think about him???

1. Wrong Notion of Ravana being a Cruel Ruler


Ravana is a legendary emperor of Sri Lanka and his reign was the most prosperous era.  It is true that Ravana snatched Srilanka from his brother Kuber but he was ruling it in an amazing way that Sri Lanka immensely flourished under his rule.

2. An extraordinary Veena Player


Can you ever imagine such a mighty ruler to have keen interest in music? Yes, Ravana is a highly accomplished veena player with no matching skills. Rudra Veena is an Indian classical instrument which was invented by this mighty ruler. As per Hindu Mythology, his love for Veena was incomparable as he took out his nerves and made it as strings to play his Rudra Veena in order to please Lord Shiva.

3. An influential king who can interfere with the planetary alignments


Generally, when a child is born the kundali is made. The kundali will have planets sitting on their houses; this will differ for each person according to their birth time. Ravana ordered the planets to stay on 11th house when his son Meghnad was born so that his son can achieve immortality. But, Saturn refused to do so and was standing in 12th house instead. Angered Ravana, imprisoned the Saturn for disobeying his words.

4. How did the 10 heads come?


Ramayana has different versions, in some versions the ten heads were portrayed to be an illusion created by the necklace that he wears. This necklace was gifted to Ravana by his mother. In another version, it was depicting as Ravana hacked his own head that shed into pieces to please Lord Shiva. His devotion made the pieces into heads resulting in 10 ten heads.

5. Great Grand son of Brahma


Rishi Visravas is the father of Ravana who is the son of Prajapati Pulastya. Prajapati Pulastya is one among ten ‘mind-born’ sons of Brahma.

6. Ravan’s knowledge transfer to Lakshman


Ravan is the most learned scholar with incomparable knowledge. Rama instructed Lakshman to sit next to dying Ravana in war place to learn important lessons of diplomacy and statecraft.

7. The birth of name “Ravana”


Ravana wanted Lord shiva to relocate to SriLanka and so he lifted mount kailasha. Lord shiva put his foot down by crushing Ravana’s finger which made him to roar. Later, Ravana pleased Lord Shiva and acquired this name.

8. A half Brahmin and Half Rakshasa by birth


Ravana was born to Rishi Vishravas and Rakshasa woman Kaikesi. Being Brahmarakshasa by birth has made him intelligent as well as powerful.

9. A conqueror of three worlds


Ravana was not only ruling Sri Lanka but has conquered the celestials and other demons.




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