The Seven sisters of Northeast or the North East India is rarely described as a place with amazing cuisine as it is about the scenic beauty that it offers. Every state of this part of India offers a special culinary landscape and most of the food is prepared using the local ingredients which adds to its specialty. The dishes and flavors depict the colorful life that the people here practice. For everyone on a culinary adventure, below are a list of must try dishes on the next trip to Northeast India.

1. Laksa from Assam


One of the staple foods of Assam, it is an original Malaysian noodle soup which is spicy and can awaken the taste buds. It is a blend of coconut milk, flavored fish paste, tamarind and spices which provides the dish its unique taste. Vermicelli rice is dunked in a bowl which is steaming and all this adds to a hearty meal.

 2. Khar from Assam


Talking about traditional meals of Assam, Khar is one that just cannot be left unmentioned. It is a very different dish made using raw papaya, red rice and beaten pulses being the main ingredients along with the special Assamese spices. The ingredients are filtered through in water using a pipe which is stuffed with dried ashes of banana which adds the unusual and refreshing flavor to the meal.

 3. Alu Muri from Meghalaya


A mouth-watering dish made using boiled potatoes, papaya skin, puffed rice, roasted spices, oil and tamarind sauce, Alu muri is a perfect Indian palate recipe from Meghalaya and is available in every nook and corner of Shillong. It is usually eaten as a snack and has an irresistible snack.

 4. Smoked Pork from Nagaland


Nagaland is famous for its pork delicacies and pork in this city is considered as a major source of meat. This dish is crispy on the outside and a juicy and succulent one on the inside. Pork is cut into small pieces and is then prepared using the local ingredients. It can be either in dry or in curry form. Bamboo shoot is present inside the pork which enhances the smoky flavor of it. Some other ingredients that go into making of this dish are fermented soya bean, fermented yam leaves and Raja Mirchi which is probably the most potent chilly in the world. It is best enjoyed with plain steamed rice.

5. Sanpiau from Mizoram


This dish is prepared using rice porridge and is served with spring onions, fresh coriander paste, zesty fish sauce, crushed black pepper and rice which is finely powdered. It is a Mizo snack which is very famous in Mizoram and is both served at home and in the streets.

 6. Nga Atoiba Thongba from Manipur


A hot pasty fish curry is a preparation of delectable fish stew and is cooked using fresh bay leaves, boiled potatoes, cumin, onion, chives and chilies. The fish present in the stew softens gradually and after that all the flavors are added to make the dish exotic.


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