Durga Puja is a very famous festival of Kolkata. You can enjoy the food, dance etc. on this festival and these small moments can never be replicated. The entire city is converted into a dreamland where everybody enjoys togetherness. Let’s discuss some amazing things about Durga Puja:

1. Food Stalls

Vadilal Stall at Chitaranjan Park B-block Durga pandal in new delhi on thursday. Photo by Shekhar Yadav

Durga Puja is like a paradise for food lovers. You will find food stalls at every corner offering variety of dishes. The food lovers eat from all stalls like they won’t get this food again. These dishes are very mouthwatering and no one can resist.

2. Cultural activitiesdurga-puja-wallpaper-9

You will find various competitions and cultural activities here.  It is a very great opportunity for parents as they can impart cultural values among their children through this festival. The children can take part in painting competitions and various other cultural activities.

3. Gamesrakkar-mela-2013-3

This is a festival where even adults behave like kids. They play with their children or among themselves different games. They do shooting, dancing, mimicry and many of such funny items. Durga Puja brings all adults together. They make their city as playground where they enjoy funny activities.

4. Different culturessindur-khela

Though it is a Bengali festival but you will find people from different states here. It is perfect combination of different cultures that mingle at one place to enjoy happy moments. The crowd at this puja is very diverse and you will find people from different cultural backgrounds and places.

5. Music and DanceDurga puja celebrations ends

You will find mesmerizing music and amazing lights that will give you capturing moments. People will get intoxicated if they will come within a mile of it. You will never forget such moments once you will be there.

6. Traffic jamscity-lights

You will find lot of traffic jams during Durga Puja but no one will complaint about it. No one gets irritated by this traffic. People enjoy near pandals that are stretched very far away.

7. Bhog1400504_652167774816093_152090585_o

People enjoy bhog after puja. You will see long line for this sacred food.  The line spread over kilometers.  It is truly a remarkable scene. You must capture these breath taking images. It is like dream come true. You will fall in love with your photography.

You will see people praying and dancing all the days. Such prayers create sheer happiness and perfect ambience that you would never like to leave.  On the last day of this puja, people give bidding goodbye to maa durga. It is undoubtedly a very emotional moment for devotees of maa durga. People shed their tears with a hope that maa durga will come again next year.

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