We are in a country where people idolize the movie stars and the kind of power it provides to the actors is tremendous. And with so much fan following and stardom, comes great power and with great power comes even greater responsibility. Some of the Btown actors are well aware of the impact they have on the society and hence try to involve themselves in various social causes which even their fans can replicate. Let us take a look at some of them.

1. Shabana Azmishabana-azmi

Well known for her acting skills, she has dedicated herself to many causes and is quite active in the society. She is mainly associated with women and children welfare and rights. She also has been actively fighting against the injustice rendered to the patient of AIDS. She has taken over the Mijwan Welfare Society from her father, which is involved in running many institutions under its banner.

2. Aamir Khanaamir-khan-wallpapers

Perfection is his middle name. He has a huge fan base and he makes good use of it by dedicating himself to various social causes like Jan Lok Pal Bill, Narmada Bachao Andolan, etc. The talk show which he hosted “Satyamev Jayate” was a huge hit focusing on the social issues. His movies also have stronger messages to society which shows his dedication to work for the society.

3. Nandita Dasnandita-das-759

She is an actress who leads by example both in her career and in her social life. You can always count on her to voice her opinion without any hesitation when it is to do with social issues.  She was the face of the campaign aimed at people who think fair skin is better, “Dark is beautiful”.

4. Gul Panaggul-panag-launch-pantaloons-womens-wednesday-12

She is part of the AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) and is also working with the Shamsher Singh Foundation. She believes in a better India and continues to work relentlessly in that way. She has also formed the Gul 4 change and is working on a solution to provide for all the social issues we face in our current society. She knows her objectives clearly and works towards it in a clear cut concise manner.

5. Deepika Padukonedeepika-padukone

When Deepika was hit by the depression, she did not hesitate to speak about it in public.  She is in the process of setting up a foundation by the name, “The Live Love Laugh Foundation” to help people live their lives to its full potential. The foundation is aimed at providing education to everyone about various mental health issues and how to battle it out. It will also be helping people to come out of mentally stressful situations.

6. Milind Somanmilind_soman_younger_look

Ever heard of Pinkathon? Yes, it is the marathon for women for 10 km aimed at improving the fitness in the ladies. And can you guess the man behind it? It is none other than this smart handsome model Milind Soman who has been working on fitness for women and spreading awareness on breast cancer.

There are many other celebrities who work towards many social causes and help their fans to follow their path to fight for the society.

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