Navratri is a festival of goddess Durga that brings peace and positive thoughts among people. Every year it is celebrated with great joy by the devotees of goddess Durga. The astrologers say that rituals performed during Navratri bring good luck to your family. Following are the 5 things that one must perform to bring good luck to their life.

1. Lotusbanner3

Lotus is a symbol of goddess Laxmi. Every day you should bring a fresh lotus flower and keep it in your mandir. With this ritual, Laxmi will bestow their divine blessings to your family. You will enjoy good luck and prosperity during whole life.

2. Silver or Gold Coininfinium-20-gm-24-kt-laxmi-gold-coin-of-999-fineness-free-20-gm-silver-coin

The next thing you must do is purchasing silver or gold coin. It is considered a very auspicious thing to buy the coin during Navratri. It will be better if the coin purchased has picture of goddess Laxmi and Ganesha embossed. You can keep it in your mandir or at any safe and sacred place.

3. Peacock featherpeacock-feather-hq

It symbolizes goddess Saraswati. The mount of goddess saraswati is peacock which is the reason feather needs to be purchased to dedicate her. You have to buy the feather and keep it in your mandir. It will bring positive thoughts and vibes in your house. This needs to be done when Navratri starts.

4. Idol of Goddess Laxmimaa-lakshmi-images

It is said that Navratri bring peace and prosperity in your life. For this you need to buy the idol of goddess laxmi.  The idol should be such reflecting picture of Laxmi sitting on lotus flower. The idol should be showering riches as by keeping such picture in your home your prosperity and peace will increase.

5. Shringarlakshmi-pz42_l

It is a very necessary item you need to buy. In other words it is the makeup material of goddess Durga. You need to buy 16 items of shringar. It is done to get divine blessings of goddess durga. Such shringar items will include bindi, lipstick, mehndi, bangles, comb, perfume and mirror etc. It will also include ankelets for goddess Durga. These items should also be kept in mandir of your house.

All above things will help you in performing rituals of Navratri. You can perform it in the Puja ghar of your house or in some temple. You will see that people visit Durga temple during Navratri a lot. There are long queues that symbolizes that people are so dedicated towards this festival. You can perform such rituals in these temples too. It’s all about your dedication, place does not matter. Your faith and love towards god can being happiness and prosperity in your life. It will benefit you and will reap you positive results. You will be blessed with good health and positive luck.

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