Have you ever undergone a combination of divine as well as trekking experience? Not yet, then you should definitely plan a trip to Kailash Manasarovar. Majestic snow clad mountain with divine spirituality has a special name attached to it, namely Mount Kailash. This spiritual center of earth is considered as the abode of Lord Shiva and Parvathi  Ma, that is why many devotees trekk even in those inhospitable and extreme weather conditions.


Though many mysterious miracles are happening in Kailash Manasarovar, we are going to look at the popular three which definitely leave you amazed.


1. The most popular Mysterious Lights:hessdalen


Located at the highest altitude of 19,500 feet, this Kailash Manasarovar is the most beautiful and top most holy destination. People would love to halt at this holy destination to keep their divine spirituality alive for a longer time. During their night halt, they were able to view mysterious white lights over Kailash Manasarovar which were always in movement. It has been believed that these lights are spirituals of yogis who have attained immortality after their intense bakthi towards the Lord. There are many more sayings attached to these mysterious lights, but what ever it might be the reason it still leaves the people awestruck when they watch those moving lights.


2. The Sound of Water:kailash-mansarovar-muktinath-tour1


What is so special about the sound of water splashing? This is the question that arises in your mind. When the sound comes without anyone being around? Interesting, isn’t it? There are no birds chirping instead all that you could hear is the sound of water. In addition to this sound, people living in the tent also hear the sounds of ornaments. One of the lady tried stepping out of the tent to figure it out, but all she could see was the movement of water with no one around. This might definitely leave you with goosebumps, but it was believed that the seven sages associated with Indian Mythology visit to this Manasarovar Lake every morning to bath.


3. Time Travels Fast:banner02


Can time travel fast at one location in our world? Is it possible? these might be the questions arising immediately after seeing this heading. Yes, pilgrims have experienced this fast time travel around this holy place. They have reported that they can observe their hair and nails growing faster within 12 hours. Whereas if you compare this growth rate in normal condition, it might take 2 weeks time.


From loads of miraculous experience by the devotees,  I have chosen the popular three. In addition to above, the other mysterious miracle are creation of four faces, the swastika created by Sun God, the twin lakes with entirely different behavior, the location synchronization with other ancient monuments and the wide complex of Kailash pyramids.This is not the end of the list of mysterious miracle happening in Kailash Manasarover, each devotee who visits this holy shrine gets unique personal experience which they believe that the Lord has bestowed on them.


So, are you ready to start your trip to Kailash Manasarovar to pen down your personal experience?

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