Bangalore is not only the cyber hub of the country but is also known for its proximity to various destinations which anyone can enjoy on low budget. One can go trekking, or to a hill station, or a beach or even a historical place. It offers plethora of opportunities for people to quench their thirst for travelling and not missing work or college.

1. Mysore :mysore_palace_morning

Located at a distance of 150kms only from Bangalore, this historical place is a beauty in itself offering not only majestic sights but various other wonders as well. If a person wants to dive deep into the history of India, he can visit the places depicting the marvelous architecture from the British Raj era and that of mighty Tipu Sultan. However, if one likes to admire the flora and fauna of nature, one can visit the Mysore Zoo or Nagarhole National Park. The Mysore Palace is a must visit place on a trip to Mysore. A road trip to this city takes close to 4hrs and can be best experienced while visiting during the months of September to March.

2. Chikmagalur :jpg

Known as Karnataka’s coffee land, Chikmagalur is a paradise for people who love coffee. The weather here is almost perfect in all the months. At a distance of 245kms from Bangalore, it is located at the foothills of the Mullayanagiri hills. One can take a walk in the plantations of coffee and enjoy that bitter sweet fragrance which ends up relaxing the senses of the body or can go trekking to the Mullayanagiri peak which is the highest peak in the state and absorb the beautiful view of the sun setting.

3. Wayanad :


Not more than 280kms away from Bangalore, one gets to visit the Land of Paddy Fields, Wayanad. Situated comfortably in Kerala’s Western Ghats, it is a picturesque place and what is even better is that it is not too expensive. It is the perfect place to take that long due trek among the rich flora and fauna and witness beautiful landscapes. The weather is perfect throughout the year but is best from October to March. One can also do night camping with fire here or visit the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and spot some of those very endangered species.

4. Dandeli Jungle :jungle-trekking-750x416

For all those people who get an adrenaline rush on hearing the word adventure, this is a blessing in disguise since it provides them with what they want and not at a heavy price. One can enjoy mountain biking at this place for a cost of only INR 450 and explore the natural delights and greenery that this place has to offer.

5. Coorg :925035232s

Coorg might be known as the hill station or the relaxing place, but that is not what college students look for during a trip. They do not have to stay confined in a house during a trip and can instead do camping at this place. Coorg also offers thrilling experience of white river rafting with fierce rapids during the stretch of 6kms.

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