Delhi is not only the capital city of India but is also one of the places people love to live. Be it during childhood, or college days or while working, everyone has loads of memories attached to this city. When they finally have to leave this place they call “home”, every small thing gets them nostalgic about Delhi. Some of them are:

1. Dilli ka Khanavegthali-delhi-800x400

First things first, food. Delhi is known for its great food, not only in the five start restaurants, but also the variety of street food available. You can never go hungry in this street because good food is available in every nook and corner of this city and that too not expensive at all. Be it golgappa, chole bhature, momos or parathas, we love it all.

2. The languageat_the_place_of_gurtej_singh

The vocabulary and language of a person from Delhi is completely different from anyone else. They have certain terms and quotes that are very specific to Delhi, such as “Bhai nhe hai tu mera”, “fuddu”, “jugaad” etc. Even after one leaves Delhi, they continue to use these words on a regular basis because that is what makes them who they are.

3. Sarojini Nagarimagesarojinimarket_20160804152947006165

Not only the people of Delhi but also people in other cities get nostalgic when they hear this name. This is the only place where one can get designer clothes of reputed brands like Vero Moda and Zara for dirt price. Not only clothes, it is also the hub for accessories, footwear and such things that every girl wants to own. The bargaining done in this market gives everyone an adrenaline rush such that they end up going there again and again because it is every girl’s shopping destination.

4. Hauz Khas Village5914757156_da2990d025_z

For everyone who loves to party, this is like a heaven on earth. A place filled with pubs and discos, one ends up making enormous memories here. Be it a night out with friends, or going dancing with the loved ones, this place has seen it all. One can go to the best clubs in Mumbai and yet get nostalgic every time someone mentions this place because it is definitely worth an experience of a lifetime.

5. The Delhi Metrodelhimetrobluelinebombardier

Even though Kolkata was the first city to come up with metro railways, Delhi took it to another level. You cannot say that you have visited Delhi, unless you have rode the metro there. More than the ride, it is the rush that one gets to face at the station, especially Rajiv Chowk. No person who has lived in Delhi would ever be scared of pushing them to get out first and make way for himself at the same time. And every time this happens, they cannot help but think of Delhi Metro.

6. India Gateindia_gate_from_rajpath

The scene in the movie “Rang De Basanti” where the stars take a ride around India Gate, standing in that open jeep and saluting is not something made up. It is what makes Delhi what it is. What Taj Mahal is to people of Agra, India Gate is to the Delhiites and what adds up more is the feeling of patriotism that they get

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