One of the best thing about staying in Delhi is that you have access to various short but great getaways and that too on a budget. This is one of the major reasons why the college students of Delhi end up taking a lot of trips without spending a lot of money.

1. Mussoorie


It is indeed true that it is during college days, that one makes one of the best memories of their lifetime. Mussoorie adds up to those memories with its unclaimed beauty of the nature. The quiet and exhilarating hill station that it is, it provides the much needed respite from the scorching summers of Delhi along with beautiful landscapes stretching in all directions. Since it is only 270kms from the capital city, one can easily take a public transport which would cost around INR 1000 and find an accommodation there for INR 500. Various activities attracting the college students there are the nature photography, cable car ride and of course a leisure holiday to relax.

2. Rishikeshrishikesh

If adventure is what you seek, this place would be a thrilling experience. Known as the “Adventure Capital” of the country it is at a distance of 292kms only from Delhi and offers various adventurous activities such as white water river rafting, cliff jumping, kayaking, trekking, rock climbing and also some peaceful activities for the people with weak hearts such as nature walks and photography. One can take the public transport to Rishikesh and opt for an accommodation which is in the camp style or a backpacker style hostel to make it a budget trip.

3. Agrahl_newtaj001_12_677x380_fittoboxsmalldimension_lowercenter

For those souls who find peace in visiting the historic places, what better can be to visit the magnificent Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Not only does the city offer Taj Mahal but also other historical sites such as Mehtab Bagh and Agra Fort. Taking a train from the Delhi railway station to Agra does not cost more than INR 400 and less than 3hrs. Best time to visit this city is during the winters when the weather is really pleasant.

4. Ramnagarramnagar_fort_and_mausoleum

Taking the wilderness spirit a step forward, one can take a trip to the Jim Corbett National Park and enjoy the wildlife jeep safari the place offers. The bus fare to ramnagar from Delhi is only INR 200 and the safari at the national park costs around INR 700. It is an experience in itself to enjoy the foothills of Himalayas in a place which is home to 488 diverse species of plans and close to 588 bird species.

5. Mcleodganjdomaro_en_mcleod_ganj

For all those backpackers, this is the most apt destination. One can easily backpack their way to this place with the help of transport services of Himachal at a cost of INR 600. Mcleodganj offers with the best Tibetan eateries. The trek to Triund is close to 5hrs and overlooks the Dhauladhar Range. People also have the option of staying there for a night inside a tent which costs INR 600 per tent.

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