The most popular Cricket is not the only sport that is played in nook and corner of India, there are lots of unspoken sports that is still played here. Let us now take a look at some of the  Lesser Known Indian Sports which are equally exciting.


Kambala Buffalo Race:buffalo-race-1-mangalore


Coastal Karnataka is still celebrating the traditional sport, Kambala Buffalo Race. This buffalo race is part of the annual celebration where in two teams are made to race on a slushy tract to track the fastest one. Each team comprises of one farmer and two buffaloes.  This Kambala festival was originally started as a thanksgiving festival for keeping their buffaloes protected from diseases.


Yubi Lakpi:maxresdefault-2


This is a traditional foot ball game and the highlight is, they use Coconut as ball. This oil soaked Coconut gives a tough competition for two teams. In addition to above, the players play with bare foot and smear their body with a mixture of mustard oil and water so that it is tough for opponent to catch them.




Vallamkalli is basically a boat race These boats are no ordinary boats, they are 100 feet long and can hold up to 150 men in that. These snake boats have curved ends resembling as Cobra hoods. Thousands of people pour here to watch this famous and traditional Kerala Boat race.


Naga Wrestling:abc_2073


This popular sport is played in Nagaland. You need to reach the opponent’s waist belt and they fight for three rounds. If you touch the ground more times than the opponent, then you will be the loser. There is annual championship being conducted and many wrestlers from near by villages participate to win the trophy.




This is a traditional martial art form of Tamilnadu. The participants need to touch their opponents body with Silambameven. The one with maximum number of touches will lose the game.


Hinam Turnam:2bb4c14000000578-3213998-the_self_sustaining_town_deep_in_the_mountains_of_tianzhu_china_-a-44_1440765218042

This traditional game of Arunachal Pradesh where in the participants take the role of hunter and the hunted by mimicking the struggle between a beast and a Man.



This board game is the ancient Ludo game. Players need to move their pawns on symmetrical cross board and the one who has moved all the pieces is the winner.


Ke Nang Huan:e1eb6c5cc2e062e7f85f561c0b948a29

In this game, participants need to grab the ears and control a wild pig. This is a tribal sport of Nicobar Islands was played in order to get trained for actual conflicts with wild animals in forests.


Rural Olympics:

epa03566378 An Indian man and woman show stunts on a bike as they perform on the concluding day of the 77th Kila Raipur rural sports meet popularly known as Rural Olympics held in village Kila Raipur near Ludhiana, India, 03 February 2013. Thousands of athletes sportsmen and women both of recognized and traditional sports take part in the annual event. EPA/RAMINDER PAL SINGH

Involving lots of stunt activities like motorbike stunts, racing bullock carts, Acrobatics on horseback, lifting bicycles with the teeth etc this Rural Olympics is conducted in Punjab.



Young Sikhs perform a Sikh martial art, known as Gatka, during a procession at the Golden Temple a day before the anniversary of the fourth Sikh Guru Ramdass, in Amritsar on October 8, 2011. Ramdass was born in Lahore in 1574 and is fourth Guru of Sikhism as well as the Guru who established the city of Amritsar. AFP PHOTO/ NARINDER NANU (Photo credit should read NARINDER NANU/AFP/Getty Images)

Originally this martial art form Gatka, was developed by Sikhs for Self defense. The participants attack with wooden staves in this sport.


Elephant Polo:


An interesting sport where in Polo is played on Elephants. Each player is given three chances to hit the ball with a bamboo stick.


Maut Ka Kaun:maut-ka-kuan

It is one of the famous attractions of fairs and exhibitions. Here the participants race on bikes or cars across a barrel-shaped track. Defying the laws of gravity, this sport is considered as speechless wonder.

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