If I say National Team then you would definitely start with Cricket, Football, etc but there are also other games where we have a team representing our nation. Some of these might sound new and surprising.

1. Cycle Polo

Just as regular polo game, but is played by riding cycle instead of horses. With attaining not much of fame and recognition, players are still interested in playing this game with lots of enthusiasm. This Cycle Polo traces its roots back to early 1900. It is after 2nd World war the cycle polo started attaining its fame for horses getting reduced from Army activities. Do you know that the player needs to use only ordinary cycle with no extra attachments such as bells, mud guards, gears, stand or carrier? The game was originally played with Bamboo horse polo ball but later tennis ball took its position. This youthful team represents the country in many world championships. To add the jewel to the crown, Indian team has grabbed 4 gold medals  and 2 Bronze medals.

2. Ice Hockey


No one would have thought about Indian team for the sport Ice Hockey since the tropical weather is the reason. Though this game is gaining its popularity only in recent days, Ice Hockey Indian team is holding high spirit and picked up a huge fund of around two million rupees within a short period of 10 days. These teams have limited opportunity to practice in either indoor ice stadium or on cold places. They play with their sticks to shoot on a vulcanized rubber puck.


3. Shooting Ball


Having similar Volley Ball playing techniques with minor changes, this Shooting ball sport is having its own Indian National Team. We take immense pride of winning the first world cup that was played in Delhi in 1992 with teams played are India, Pakistan, Canada and UK. Though it is not a popular sport, Indian Government has considered its contribution and has funded an amount of 14.2 lakh in the year 2013-2014. The rule of the game is that use of loose and open fingers is not allowed. Each team needs 7 players.


4. Tug Of War


A common game played by children but India never misses the opportunity to have a national team. This was originally established in Ghaziabad in the year 1958 by few officers in armed forces.  After being participated in various international events, Government surely has appreciated and recognized the team.

5. Roll Ball


Why not we combine Skating and Basketball?, then the game that comes out is Roll Ball. This is an interesting game where in you roll the ball with your skates to score. The amazing part is no stick being used, you need to roll the ball with your hands. Raju Dhabade, a senior secondary sports teacher is the one who invented this sport and now holds secretary position of International Roll Ball Federation. There have been two world cups so far and Indian team definitely didn’t let go the opportunity and has won both of them.


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