There is never a shortage on plots when it comes to movie making in India. Here are ten movies which were about the Indian culture, history and lifestyle made in India.

1. Jodhaa Akbar:jodhaa-akbar

The movie bagged all the awards in the year it was released. The story is set in the 16th century about the Mughal Emperor Akbar and his queen Jodhaa. This historical romantic movie won the hearts of many with its excellent star cast, sets, locations and costumes.

2. Lagaan:13nov_FM30-Lagaan01

Another historical movie made in India, which was set in the pre-independence period. It is about a small village which revolts on the tax to be paid to the British. Unlike the many pre-independence movies, this story is not about literal fighting. It is about how the villagers played cricket, a game they had no clue of and won.

3. Pather Panchali:pp_header

An amazing film made by one of the greatest directors in Indian Cinema, Satyajit Ray, this movie portrays the happenings of rural families in India, especially West Bengal. It is a glimpse into the pastoral and traditional life of Indians.

4. Water:deepa-mehta-water1

A movie by Deepa Mehta, it is about the life of a widow in the 1930s, in an Ashram. There were many controversies and fights that the director had to overcome in order to bring the movie onscreen. It is set against the Gandhi’s independence campaign and was shot more in Sri Lanka than in India.

5. Rang De Basanti:rang-de-basanti-759

Another movie based on the corruption in the Indian politics where a British woman travels to India to make a movie about Indian History and end up being friends with five youngsters who fight against corruption.

6. Delhi Belly:maxresdefault-1

It is a modern film, a dark comedy showing the lives of middle class, creative and modern people in India. It is about a couple of teenagers running from a diamond smuggling ring amidst the chaos in their life.

7. Monsoon Wedding:monsoon-wedding-poster

A movie from the house of Mira Nair, the movie revolves around the preparation of a wedding ceremony in the upper middle class families. The plot is so true to life, and it shows that you can always trust your family above everything, in India.

8. Swades:wall_1024x768_9

A movie starring Shah Rukh Khan, it is about an Indian working with NASA who returns to his village to take his nanny along to America. But his life changes to the better when he comes here as he gets involved in betterment of the life of the villagers.

9. Midnight’s children:midnights_quad1

An adaptation of the novel by the same name, written by Salman Rushdie, this movie spins around transition of India from British regime to independence and the partition of India and Pakistan. The movie is directed by Deepa Mehta.

10. Gandhi:gandhi-the-movie-collage

Writing about Indian movies about India and not mentioning the movie “Gandhi” is a crime. This movie is a biopic of the Mahatma, which was critically acclaimed world over for the more Indian way it was portrayed, though it was not directed by an Indian.

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