When you think of M S Dhoni, the Captain of Indian Cricket team, you will definitely think of cool and composed. He is known for being patient and humble taking his wins and losses in the same stride. He is the Captain Cool and the Captain Curious, willing to try new things. More than a player or a sportsman, he is known for being a good leader. So what makes Dhoni so special?

1. Leader:msd_650_031015023051

If there is anything that makes a great leader, it is the quality to lead the team even during stressful situations. 2011 World cup is a classic example to the amazing leadership of MSD. India had already lost three crucial wickets, and then came Captain Cool, just ahead of Yuvraj Singh. He made 91 runs of just 78 balls and remained unbeaten while leading Team India to a historical victory.

2. Very calm:ms-dhoni-cricinfo-yahoo-profile-stats-highlights

It is definitely one of the better known traits of MSD, for which he is often called fondly as Captain Cool. He is still considered as one of the best finishers of ODI cricket, as he can stay cool in any situation and take the team through with his unprecedented scoring. There have been many matches where MSD with his cool composure has managed to lead Team India to victory.

3. Trust on youngsters:ms-dhoni-mumbai-odi

There has always been an argument that the elderly never leave way for the next generation in general. One of the key points that you would notice under MSD’s captaincy, is the amount of faith he showers on his young players. He gives them the much needed chance, grooming them to achieve their full potential, trusting them even when the world has given up.

4. Intuitive:18ms-dhoni-1

Dhoni is known for his unconventional approach in Cricket. He often befuddles even the most talented cricketers with his strategy. A good example would be the T20 World cup inaugural Final when he gave the ball to Joginder Sharma, in place of many other experienced bowlers, for the last over. India won the inaugural T20 World cup to the delight of many. Another would be the 18th over bowled by Ishant Sharma in the Champions Trophy 2013 which worked in India’s favor.

5. Inspiring:

Cuttack: Indian Captain MS Dhoni before the 2nd T20 match against South Africa at Barabati stadium in Cuttack on Monday. PTI Photo by Swapan Mahapatra(PTI10_5_2015_000228B)

What makes a person a great leader is not just their ability to lead. It is their ability to inspire people to follow them. Hailing from a small town in Bihar, he has been an inspiration to many aspiring cricketers, to come out and show their skills.

6. Passionate:dhoni_2212getty_750

One of the fittest of the cricketers, you would never see Dhoni relaxing even for a day. He is passionate about his game and it shows in his dedication towards the game.

7. Honest:

Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni speaks with the press after a practice session at the Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium in Dhaka on June 17, 2015, ahead of the first ODI (One Day International) cricke match against Bangladesh. AFP PHOTO/Munir uz ZAMAN (Photo credit should read MUNIR UZ ZAMAN/AFP/Getty Images)
Dhoni is one of the few captains, who take accountability for their team. He backs up his players and never fails to criticize them when they are wrong. He always lets the team takes the limelight for the wins and is always present at the front to face the losses.
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