Whenever we think of planning a trip to a city, we always do what it is known for. For instance, Delhi means visiting historical places, Mumbai means having vada pav, Chennai means visiting the cave temples in Mahabalipuram, etc. More often than not, by stereotyping the place with something, we often miss out on other interesting things to do in that place. Similarly, we often think only of beaches when we visit Goa and that is what we do when we visit there too. However, there is a whole lot of things to do other than visiting beaches.

1. Casinos:casino3

Looking to have a go at your luck? Then you should definitely visit the Las Vegas of India, the Goa where there is a whole range of casinos with multiple games to try your luck on. The Casino Carnival, overlooking Panjim is just the place to convert your hundreds to thousands and more. The average entry fee is about Rs.1500 and for that you enjoy the whole host of gaming along with some exotic drinks. A definite must do when in Goa!

2. History:history_of_goa_92e6c8b_b

Goa also has a historical past which can be seen through the many monuments and ancient churches scattered around. In fact the heritage is so old and so many that one day or one trip may not be enough to do justice. You have Fort Aguada, Bom de Jesus Basilica, Chopora Fort, Usgalimal Rock Carvings, Palaceo Do Deao and more. The architectural beauty of these places will leave you astounded to say the least.

3. River Rafting:River Rafting in Goa (1)_1437979068

Another exciting water sport and adventure that you should definitely have a go at when you visit Goa. The white water rafting was opened very recently and the pleasant green surroundings’s covering the route of 10km long is a fun activity for adventure enthusiasts. It is an exciting activity for both the beginners and the experienced.

4. Night and Flea Markets:photo3-299

Shopping is something all of us look forward to when we are touring a place. Especially the shopping in markets where the products are cheap is something we look forward to. Well, if you are looking for some discounted wares, then you should definitely pay a visit to the various flea markets in Goa. The Mapusa Market, which is held every Wednesday, showcases the unique and exotic talent of the youngsters and is one of the places to definitely shop at. The Anjuna flea market is a place where you can get anything at an affordable rate.

5. Waterfall:Dudhsagar-Waterfalls-Goa1

And the best part of Goa, apart from the beaches, there is also the Dudhsagar Waterfall, the nature at its finest to visit. The waterfall gives the appearance of milk streaming down the mountains from afar and it flows to its full during the monsoon. The waterfall and the surrounding scenery have left many a tourist awestruck.

So when you visit Goa next time, remember that there is more than just beaches to Goa.  Explore this fine city in a new light.

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