When you think of haunted you are immediately reminded of eerily silent bungalows in dilapidated conditions, surrounded by huge trees and lots of spider webs, and in a deserted place way too far from civilization, most of the times. But have you ever considered a railway station, which is always packed with people to its brim being haunted? Well, here are some railway stations that will give you goose bumps.

1. Shimla Barog station:209f5ad6214b6a7a299d81a1a949e450_1394099055_l

Very close to the tunnel 33, also referred to as the Barog tunnel, this railway station seems to be a hub for anything paranormal. The engineer who constructed this tunnel and after whom the tunnel is named after, Colonel Barog committed suicide and was buried near the tunnel. And it is believed that his ghost wanders the tunnel and railway station.

2. Begukodor station:Begunkodor

This railway station in West Bengal has been closed for nearly 42 years now. The belief is that a death occurs near the station whenever a lady draped in white saree is seen here. It was last operated in 1967 and now it has been decided by the Chief minister to have it reopened.

3. Rabindra Sarobar Metro station:rabindra-sarobar-metro-station-haunted

This is another West Bengal station, a prime destination in the city of Kolkata which is said to be haunted by all those who died here. Quite a few people have given their lives here by jumping in front of a train and it is said that after the last train leaves, you can hear the screams of the travelers who lost their lives.

4. Sector 9 Dwarka metro station:Metro-Station-0-Dwarka-Sector-9-New-Delhi

The haunting here is not in the station but nearer to it. It is said that a lady in white is often seen running behind people, slapping them or knocking on their door. Quite a few have been traumatized by the incident and no one knows the real reason behind this haunting, if it is one.

5. Ludhiana Railway station:201506070001

The entire station is always buzzing with people and activity and yet you will see people avoiding the corner room near the reservation centre. The room remains closed ever since CRS officer Subhash died here in the year 2004 and it is believed that his ghost haunts the reservation centre for he was very much in love with his job. It is also believed that his seat, causes trouble to those who sit on it even today.

6. Chittoor Railway station:img201604051204041685021

You would see the platforms emptied as the sun sets behind the horizon. The story here is that of Hari Singh, a CRPF official, who was attacked by TTEs and RPF people and he got down here on 31st October 2013. He died due to his injuries 10 days later and it is said that his spirit is still hovering for want of justice.

7. Naini station:Naini_Junction_nameplate

This station is supposed to be haunted by the spirits of the freedom fighters who died in the Naini Jain very close to the situation. And people while have not seen ghosts here, they confirm feeling the presence of something paranormal.

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