The first poet from Asia to have been awarded with the prestigious Nobel Prize for Literature, Rabindranath Tagore has given many inspiring poems in his native tongue Bengali. He was not just a poet, but he has also written fiction, essays, drama and songs. In his later years, he even tried his hand in painting producing more than 2500 drawings and paintings. He has translated his own work into English. His most famed work “Gitanjali” is a gift to humanity and you can see that Tagore was way ahead in his thinking for the times he lived in. Here are some remarkable poems by this Nobel Laureate.

1. “Where the mind is without fear”:where_the_mind_is_without_fear_by_ritwik_mango

This is a poem which speaks about the potential of human minds. Today there are many battling out the theory of potentialism and emphasizing that humans are yet to achieve their full potential. However, Tagore was right onto it nearly a decade earlier. In this poem, he points that when you have a fearless mind and you keep your mind open to knowledge and stay honest, there is nothing beyond you.

2. “Leave this”:slide_6

Another poem which strikes the chord by pointing out our own inhibitions that we constantly harbor in our minds. He points out subtly on that humans have been running behind beliefs without ever understanding he is running away from God. He tells us to open our eyes and see the God in ourselves.

3. “Let me not forget”:rabindranath-tagore-682914

A beautiful melancholic romantic poem that speaks volumes about a heart that is separated from its beloved. The lines are beautifully crafted expressing the desire and the longing within the hearts of those who are unable to forget their love and move forward. It brings out the sadness but with taste.

4. “Last Curtain”:Pravs-J-14-Best-Rabindranath-Tagore-Poetries3

As the name suggests, this poem is a take on the time of death, something which is inevitable in everyone’s life. The poem says that while a person will be gone from the earth, it will not stop the nature from functioning. The nature would continue to do its duty, the sun will rise as usual and the waves will crash on the shore the same. He states that being good is what will make us unforgettable.

5. “Freedom”:


A poet during the time of independence, it is not surprising that he wrote about India’s struggle for freedom. This poem speaks about the very soul of any civilization on earth. It speaks about freedom to do one’s will, freedom from being a puppet dangling in a string.

6. “When I go alone at night”:the-gardener-ix-when-i-go-alone-at-night

Another romantic tryst that speaks about the plight of a woman who is meeting up with her lover unknown to anyone during the night. It speaks on the love for the man that she holds so dear to her that she is willing to brave the night alone. The poem touches on the anxiety and anticipation and is part of the collection called “The Gardener”.

These six are not the only poems but the entire collection of Tagore’s poems are enchanting.

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