Among the many things that we are proud of country, we should also be proud of the fact that India leads in being the largest newspaper reading country in the world. It is also the country where there is more number of newspapers published and circulated, nearly 6700 publications printing close 26 crore copies every day. In this day and age, when everything is digitized, it is surprising to see that the newspaper market is still thriving in India. Thanks to the growing literacy and more technology, newspaper reading is a habit which Indians find very hard to let go of. Among the 6700 publications, let us take a look at six of them which have the most number of readers and are being published more too.

1. Dainik Jagran:dainik-jagran-no-1

This Hindi newspaper was founded by Puran Chandra Gupta in 1942, during the “Quit India Movement”. The newspaper is distributed in nearly 11 states across the country and it has its headquarters in Kanpur. Nearly 1.66 crore of average readership per issue is what the newspaper handles every day.

2. Hindustan:hindustan_paper

Another Hindi newspaper which has the maximum readership per day, nearly 1.47 crore, most of which comes from the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is where the newspaper has its headquarters and it operates in the states Chandigarh, NCR, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and UttaraKhand. The newspaper was started in 1936.

3. Malayala Manorama:Malayala-Manorama

A regional newspaper, in the Malayalam language, which has the most number of circulations after the many Hindi newspapers. The average readership per issue is around 88 Lakhs. The newspaper was started in 1980 and is very popular in Southern India. The newspaper has 15 units to print newspapers around the nation.

4. Daily Thanthi:7929

This is a newspaper in Tamil, and is one of the most popular news papers after the Malayalam Manorama in the South. It also stands fifth in the nationwide paper readership rate. This Tamil Daily was found in 1932 by S.P.Adithanar. The newspaper also has two supplements printed every Sunday and boasts a whopping 82 Lakhs of average readership per issue.

5. The Times of India:toi-logo

With an average readership per issue at around 75 lakhs, this English newspaper is the 7th most read newspaper in the country. It belongs to the Times Group, the largest media enterprise of the country. The newspaper is probably the oldest in the country to have been started in 1838, more than 1.5 centuries back. The group also has a career oriented newspaper printed every Wednesday, named the Times Ascent, which is the widely read paper of its kind.

6. Dainik Bhaskar:Dainik Bhaskar Logo

Founded in 1958, this is among the most popular Hindi newspapers in the country and is read across 11 states in the nation. It has been growing quite rapidly in terms of leadership with the average readership rate per issue hovering above 1.4 crore. It has won many awards over the years.

There are many other newspapers in regional languages which are also equally widespread and the above are just the top of the lot.

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