There are many roles that a woman dons from the time she is born. From being a daughter to being a mother, her life comes a full circle. When one thinks of Indian woman, the image that we have is of a person who is all giving, caring and enduring. But these are not the only qualities that set the Indian women a step ahead of the women in the world.


1. The right blend of perfection:traditional-dress-for-womens

Indian women are well adjusted to the modern living standards and yet they have not let go of the traditional customary ways of the society. They have the right combination of the modernism and the traditional conservative outlook blended in their personality making them more magnanimous in the way they take on life.

2. Uniquely beautiful:


Another interesting fact that makes Indian women unique is their dusky, clear skin tone. They have a natural tan look which makes them look more elegant. And an Indian woman adorned in the traditional sari looks sexy and admirably magnificent. They have eyebrows which are naturally arched, adorning their broad foreheads, black eyes and equally black hair that can captivate anyone.

3. All rounders:teacher_multitasking

Another interesting aspect that you will probably not find in any other country is the amount of diverse duties undertaken by Indian women. Not to undermine the women of other countries, Indian women are expected to perform top class both at home and at work equally without any help from their better halves. And they do it splendidly well.

4. Unrelenting spirit:women-spiritual-path-00

It is not just the beauty of the Indian woman which keeps her apart from the world. It is her relentless spirit that keeps her fighting for her rights in a patriarchal society. And she has been successful in creating a name for herself. While she still has a long way to go, she has been progressing steadily and relentlessly.

5. Attitude: 2m48xab

Indian women are very caring and they take up different roles with equal fervor, showing their care and love for everyone they come in contact with, whether it is their father or husband or their son. They are the pillars that ensure that a family stays strongly on its foothold. She is the glue that holds the family together.

6. Diplomatic:diplomat10n-2-web

Being brought up in a conservative background, Indian women are well aware of the ethics in making polite conversations where required. They have a soft voice which further adds to their soft tone and they make their point without raising their voice.

7. Courageous:IMG_5815

From the history, there are many instances where one could see Indian women have been on the forefront to battle for their family and for their people. Whether it is the Rani Padmini or the Rani Laxmi Bhai, there have been queens who have taken up the mantle with equal courage.

8. Multi talented:WORking-women

Indian women can handle many jobs and this is evident from the training they receive in their childhood. They can stitch, sing, cook, dance, drive, organize, manage, and more without a formal training.

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