Rabindranath Tagore, was the first and last of the Indian poet to have won a Nobel Prize in literature from our country. While there have been several nominations sent over the years, no one has been lucky to have this award conferred upon them. Let us take a look at eight Indian writers (in random order) who were worthy of it.

1. R K Narayan:r-k-narayan-2

He was one of the few Indian writers whose work was nominated more than once for the Nobel Prize. However, he is yet to be recognized. Graham Greene, who helped this marvelous writer to find a publisher remarks that the works of R K Narayan has beauty and sadness in its midst. His work “Malgudi Days” has to be considered in totality to understand the significance.

2. Munshi Premchand:munshi-prem-chand

Premchand believed that writers have the ability to serve socially. He wrote stories which were about the poor in rural areas, which not only served as a mere observation but was a powerful critical outlook of the situation. While he learnt both Farsi and Urdu, his literary works were all in Urdu and later in Hindi. He is a master storyteller which is evident from his works like “kafan” and “Shatranj ke khiladi”.

3. Bibhutibhushan Bandhopadhyay:Satyajit-Ray-4

While the movie Pather Panchali was critically acclaimed by many for its intense adaptation, the novel was a brilliance of its own. The author Bibhutibhushan had created an allegory of sorts on the rural Bengal through both his novels the “Pather Panchali” and the sequel “Aparajito”. He has written a grim journal in “Ashani Sanket” and short stories in “Pui Macha” which makes him deserving of Nobel.

4. Kuvempu:kuvempu

Kuvempu, the acronym of K V Puttappa, is among the greatest writers in the Kannada language. He started his writing career in English but soon switched to his native language, experimenting with it using his writing. His most renowned work to date is the “Sri Ramayana Darshanam”, which also won him the Sahitya Akademi award.

5. Ismat Chughtai:ismat-large

A brave and a spirited artist who never compromised in her work or her life, Chughtai is often referred as ‘The grand dame of Urdu writing in India’. She has written the novels “Tehri Lakeer” and “Ziddi” which were both strong novels on feminism. However, her forte would be the short stories like “Chauthi ka Jorha” and “Lihaaf” which was equally celebrated and criticized.

6. Ashapurna Devi:Mahasweta Devi Bangla Books

It is surprising what one can do when they put their mind to it. Ashapurna Devi was not formally educated and yet she managed to make a mark in the world of literature with her reality grasping works like “Subarnalata” and “Pratham Pratisruthi”.

7. Vaikom Muhammed Basheer:image

Commonly referred as the Beypore Sultan, Basheer was very renowned for his short stories and novels in Malayalam. The story “Balyakalasakhi” delves into his early childhood days and was much acclaimed.

8. Amrita Pritam:maxresdefault

She was the first woman to receive the Sahitya Akademi award and she wrote both in Hindi and Punjabi. Her works like “Ode to Warris Shah” dealt with the Indo-Pak Partition was much praised for its expression.

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