There is a global campaign to fight against global warming and pollution. Every organization is trying to contribute by reducing emission or power consumption depending on the industry they are in. There are also companies which go beyond their industry to improve the environment. Here is a list of leading companies in India, which are helping to save the environment while being the provider of our daily necessities.

1. LG India:LG-logo

LG has been the leading manufacturer and producer of consumer electronics. This South Korean company has now introduced E60 and E90 LED monitors, especially for the Indian market. These LED monitors are claimed to consume nearly 40% less power than their LCD counterparts. And they have also reduced the levels of mercury and halogen usage in these monitors. LG had recently launched ‘Eco-chic’, a series of eco friendly consumer durables – washing machines, refrigerators, etc. which makes use of the steam technology.

2. HCL:hcl

The notebooks, are quickly replacing laptops and HCL has come up with the eco friendly version of this digital product. The HCL ME 40 is supposed to be free of PVC and any other chemical harmful to the environment. Another point to be noted is that the HCL has been awarded a 5 star rating by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, for producing eco friendly durable products. They also meet the standards of REACH, the community for chemical use and safety regulations in Europe, in terms of using completely recyclable and non toxin elements in their products.

3. Haier India:P020130729533360002805

Another consumer durable company which has recently launched their eco friendly series – the Eco Life. The series is claimed to have only products that are friendly to the environment and yet meet the customer expectations. The series includes all products like washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, water heaters, etc.

4. Samsung Electronics:Samsung-Logos-HD

A brand known for its display products, they have been producing LED monitors and LED backlights which are devoid of any harmful substance like lead or mercury. Their LED backlight also makes use of nearly 40% lesser energy than its peers. The ToC, Touch of Color, technology used by Samsung is also devoid of any chemical colors or glues making it safer and completely recyclable. Their recent launch of ACs claim nearly 60% lesser energy consumption.

5. Voltas:925667535s

The Tata Group introduced its first Go Green initiative in Voltas in the year 2007 much ahead of many of its competitors. Whether it is a LCD plasma TV or an air conditioner or a refrigerator, the Voltas was the pioneers to come with the energy saving stamp of energy stars, now mandated by the government.

6. Panasonic:panasonic

The Econavi appliances from Panasonic focus on energy saving by using sensor and control technologies. The company has been promoting eco friendly products vigorously and aim to be the top green companies by the year 2018.

There are also many other companies like Wipro, MRF tyres and ACC which are producing innovative and green products to help support the environment.

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