“Do they have Rock bands in India?”, is the first question that arises when I say “Indian Rock bands”.  India is often identified with folk or classical music for its rich cultural heritage. Though it took ages to make foundation of Rock music in India, this new type of fusion of Indian classical and Rock is more like relishing a “Tandoori Pizza”. However, this new fusion is named as “Indian Rock” which resulted in talented musicians joining together as “Rock bands”.


Shall we see the list of Top 6 rock bands of India?

1. Indian Ocean:maxresdefault

Laid their foundation in 1990, this Delhi based Rock band is rocking with their music. Being the pioneers in Indian rock, this rock band currently comprises Rahul Ram, Amit Kilam, Himanshu Joshi, Nikhil Rao and Tuheen Chakraborty. They are well known for miraculous notes of Indian classical spicing up with rock and jazz music. Indian ocean is not popular only in capital city but also all over India and has released 6 studio albums and has composed many hit melodies for bollywood movies. Indian Ocean’s latest performance of was in Pune in 2011, which was indeed mesmerizing.

2. Avial:Avial-band

Not a Kerala’s delicacy but is an Indian alternative rock band, which was started in 2003. They are so good at blending native folk music in an alternative progressive style. Focusing mainly on Malayalam, the current team members of Avail are Tony John, Rex Vijayan Mithun Puthanveetil and Binny Isaac.

3. Mother Jane:67534_446763774382_682164382_5151418_3199585_n

Coming form Kochi, Mother jane is a famous Indian rock band that got formed in 1996. Drummer John Thomas and bassist Clyde Rozario wanted to show their talent in their college festival and hence this band was formed. Later Mani, the vocalist joined the band. Their debut album, “Insane Biography” was super hit and was the only one which got featured in “Asian Rock Rising Festival in Japan 2003”.

4. Little Babooshka’s Grind:1364279051_940x430

The LBG is the rocking rock band from a super hot place, Chennai. Though they started out playing the national college cultural circuit , they became famous very soon. These pioneers of Chennai has some unique collections and their major hit being ‘Bad Children”.The band consists of Arjun Janakiram , Avneet Janakiram , Aum Janakiram , Hari Boskey , and Marky Spitnik .

5. Parikrama:V9eliQtDWW33yCaJ9iQV

The year 1990 was lucky for this rock and roll band since they laid their foundation as Parikrama. Many memorable pieces are created by this Delhi based band. The band members are Nitin Malik, Saurabh Chaudhary, Sonam Sherpa, Chintan Kalra, Subir Malik, and Srijan Mahajan. Some of the enchanting musics rendered by this band are Laminate via Pakistan, ‘But It Rained’ Open Skies, etc.

6. Thermal and a quarter:image-2-thermal-and-a-quarter

The city of garden has delivered many fabulous things and one among them is this super rock band, Thermal and a quarter. The band crew are Bruce Lee Mani , Rajeev Rajagopal and Prakash KN. Started in 1996, this brand not only bears unique name but also good at producing original music.

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