Maharashtra is a land filled with more than 1000 dams, small and big alike. These dams and reservoirs are not just a tourist destination but they also play a very crucial role in the socio-economic growth of the state and in turn for the growth of the country. Let us take a look at the eight most notable of the lot from the state of Maharashtra.

1. Koyna Dam:28_big

With a water capacity of 105 TMC, the Koyna Dam is among the top 5 largest dams in the state of Maharashtra. As the name indicates it is built across the Koyna River, nestled amidst the lush green Western Ghats and it also houses the largest hydroelectric power plant of the country.

2. Jayakwadi Dam:Jayakwadi_Dam

Built on one of the prominent and sacred rivers of India, the Godavari, the dam is the largest of the earthern dams in the country and is located in the city of Aurangabad. The dam is one of the largest of the irrigation projects of the state and has a water capacity of 102 TMC.

3. Totladoh Dam:


Built across the River Pench in Nagpur, the Totladuh Dam is a gravity dam and also houses a hydroelectric power plant. The dam with a height of 244 ft is among the most important water reservoirs in the city of Nagpur. It has a water capacity of 43.82 TMC. It also has the Pench National Park near it making it a beautiful tourism spot.

4. Isapur Dam:


On the waters of the River Penganga is the dam Isapur and is considered as one of the largest reservoir in the whole state and also as the 4th largest dam of the state. The dam itself is 187 ft tall and plays a crucial role for water supply in the state.

5. Wilson Dam:dsc_0297

Across the river Pravara is the dam Bhandardara Wilson built and is one of the ancient dams built in the country. The place apart from being a water reservoir also plays the role of a big tourist attraction, especially during the monsoon season.

6. Vaitarna Dam:vaitarna dam

Also referred to as the Modak Sagar Dam, this was earlier built by a British engineer and later renovated after Independence. Built across the River Vaitarna, it has three parts with the lower dam serving as a gravity dam and the upper dam giving an amazing view of the river. The lake Vaitarna is considered as one of the best lakes for sweet water and the water supply for the city of Mumbai and Thane is done from this river.

7. Bhatsa Dam:71189785

A large gravity dam built across the river Bhatsa, this dam is of 290 ft height and is an important lake closer to the financial hub, Mumbai.

8. Kolkewadi Dam:63543001

Built as part of the hydroelectric power project across the River Konya, the dam has a power station at the base where the electricity is generated. Its main purpose is for the hydroelectric power generation and it serves its purpose very well.

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