The art of rapping has its origins from the America and it has been a growing trend across different countries now. Many countries have leading rappers that can add their magical touch and make any song sensational. India is no exception and we have some outstanding rappers who are capable of making your evening dinner as something more than a simple dining experience. Here is a list of top 7 rappers of India in a random order, whom you should look out for.

1. Badshah:


As suggested by his name, he is definitely a person who could make the king of all rappers. He was initially working alongside the musician Yo Yo Honey Singh and was writing the raps for him. However, now he is working alone and is a striving and an arising musician to look out for. His raps captivate everyone who listens to it.

2. Raftaar:


The birth name of Raftaar is Dilin Nair and he is slowly getting famous for his rapping. He was also part of the group of Honey Singh, called as “Mafia Mundeer.” Now he has split from the group and creating his own line of raps. The split between him and Honey Singh made the headlines in the entertainment news and was much talked about in the industry. He became famous not just for the split up but also for songs like ‘To Dishoom’, ‘Whistle Baja’ and ‘Dhup Chik’.

3. Hard Kaur:

Hard Kaur

A woman in the industry dominated by the men, Hard Kaur has created a name for her with hard core rapping and is quite famous for it. She made her debut in the Hindi Film industry with the song “Move your body.” She was the first female rapper to be featured in Bollywood movies.

4. Dr.Zeus:


Baljit Singh Padam, or Dr. Zeus is not just a rapper but he is also a Punjabi music producer. The song ‘Kangna’ in 2003 by him made into the charts of the best songs listed by the Asian network of BBC. He has made around five individual albums and he has also sung in some of the Bollywood movies. Most famous and most recent being the song ‘Kamlee’ from the movie Happy New Year.

5. Apache Indian:


A rapper who made rap music popular in India during the 90s, he has made his presence not just in the Indian music industry but in international level too. The album “Boomshakalak” from him was featured in nearly 8 movies and was a huge hit.

6. J-star:


A rapper who started his career as a DJ, he has sung many songs, the famous one being Gabru with Honey Singh. With his talent, Jagdeep Singh has managed to sway many a hearts in his favor.

7. Honey Singh:



The ability to rap faster in different accents has made Honey Singh’s reach to fame faster than many. He is among the most popular of the rappers in India with his unique clothing, unique music and a huge fan following.

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