India is a diverse land with many different cultures and traditions and it shows in our art forms. Here are some art forms which are on the verge of extinction if not saved.

1. Manjusha Paintings:


A very rare art form where a series of paintings depict a story. The art from has its origins from the current state of Bihar. The art forms or the products of this art were made during the festival of Bishahari, a festival which is celebrated to worship the snake god in the district of Bhagalpur. And the art form was highly nurtured and it prospered during the British regime. However, due to lack of patrons, this art form has slowly declined and is on the verge of extinction. Recently, the Bihar government has been making efforts to improve this art.

2. Puppetry:rajasthani-puppets

Puppetry is an art form which has been in existence for nearly 3000 years now. In fact, the puppetry itself has many different variations, each differing based on the state they are practiced at. For instance, the state of Kerala has the shadow puppetry to its credit while Orissa has its own Kundhei and in Rajasthan, it is Kathaputli. However, unfortunately this art form is also losing its shine.

3. Parsi Embroidery:p1020603

India is quite famous for its textile industry and the various weaving patterns and designs across different states. Parsi Embroidery is however a very special one as it has been in existence from the Bronze Age. It has been influenced by cultures including the European, Indian and Persian. Every Parsi embroidery sari takes almost 9 months to complete which speaks volumes of this art’s complexity. Yet, the art is slowly on the road to decline unless revived immediately.

4. Toda Embroidery:Blog

The embroidery by the Toda tribe, who are living in the Nilgiri hills, is another form of art which is on the verge of extinction. The tribe only has a total of 2000 people to its sect and is trying to keep their culture and craft intact. This embroidery is not just done on clothes but also on wallets, stoles, pouches using a square deception.

5. Handicrafts by Nagas:

Top Selling Handicraft and Handloom items from NorthEastNagas have always been known for expressing their culture strongly through their crafts. They make craft items from different materials like cane, wood and other forest born raw materials. Their products include bowls, shawls, baskets, bags, etc. which are still showcased in many handicraft expo.

6. Roghan painting:rogan-art

If any art form is completely extinct save for a few people, it is this. As of now, there are only 6 survivors in India who are well versed with this art form – the Khatri family in the state of Rajasthan. The art form uses paints, castor oil and a thin metal rod of 6” and requires a lot of patience.

7. Dhokra handicraft:dktfg02

Dhokra handicrafts are made using the wax casting technique which has been practiced for nearly 4000 years in India. This enchanting art is practiced by the fewer tribes everyday in the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh.

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