NGO means Non-Governmental organisation that is not built with a profit motive rather it is formed for helping needy people. It is for the people who are in problem like widows who are not accepted by the society, children who are dumped by their parents especially girls, aged people who need shelter to live, handicapped people etc.  There are a lot of NGOs that have emerged in India but very few of them are expanded on the basis of their true and transparent work. Ngo that leaves a strong impact on the society and brings out the helping nature of the people without thinking about the community or rank is worth recognising and discussing.  Let’s discuss about some NGOs who are doing amazing work:

1. Nanhi Kali


Anand Mahindra started this project in 1996. His concept was to promote education of a girl child and reduce the poverty from India. It’s like trying to solve two major problems under one roof. Nanhi kali project was started with the partnership of 21 other NGOs. The education of a girl child costs about Rs.2400 to Rs 3600 per year and anyone can sponsor any girl. You can also get the reports of the girl’s progress on regular basis.

2. Goonj


Goonj is also one of the most powerful rural entrepreneur organisations in India. Its program ‘ Vastra Samman’ has reached the heights as they promote the concept of recycling and reusing items like clothes, books, grains and exports surpluses from urban to rural centre. With this thought, they have been helping people by providing 70,000kgs of material every month. They are partners with 250 other organisations and they are the team of 300 volunteers.

3. Helpage India

13-06-2016 03_25_27helpage-india

A very shameful and common issue in India is of elder people who are abandoned. This organisation aims at helping those elderly poor and isolated people. Helpage India is the one working towards influencing Indian government to change the policies for elders by providing them emotional and material support. Physiotherapy to understand their physical problems, help lines to give information about their rights and how they can fight for their rights, this is what Helpage India has achieved. National Planning Commission of India has also given permission Helpage India to represent its cause.

4. CGNet Swara


This organisation gives you the right to discuss any issue of local interest. You can make a call on their lines from any mobile or fixed line phone. You will be given the option of pressing 1 to record a message, 2 to listen to messages that are recorded. After recording the messages these messages are reviewed by the professionals in this field and after reviewing, a report is prepared for resolving the issue.

5. Smile foundation


Children who are not privileged enough to live a normal life are helped by this organisation. Smile foundation gives hope to the children to live and build their own blocks of future. They provide healthcare, education, livelihood, and women empowerment. This system encourages privileged children to help underprivileged fellow mates.

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