India is a very talented country as people are intelligent in various fields. India is rich in arts as you will find many people expert in drawings, paintings, carvings, embroideries etc. But the audience appreciating such talent is very limited. This is the reason art is getting disappeared. Let’s discuss some beautiful art paintings that need to be taken care of to save them:

1. Manjusha Paintingsmanjusha art_1455103555

Manjusha is an art form originated from Andhra Pradesh that explains a story in each painting. It was very famous when Britishers were ruling India but slowly it lost its pace during 20th century. However, efforts are being made by the government of Bihar to make this art as patent of Bhagalpur folk.

2. Puppetry artpuppetry_1455103644

Puppetry show has so many types out of which only few are common. Most of them do not even exist now. Shadow puppetry was originated from Kerala; Kathputli show was taken from Rajasthan and so on. However, NGOs are playing important role in bringing such art to urban cities to save them from end.

3. Parsi embroideryparsi_1455103712

Iran is the country where this art was born and slowly spread over other counties too like Europe, China, Persia and India. This embroidery approx. takes 9 months to complete. This is the reason of its decline as production of clothes that are readily available is increased.

4. Toda embroiderytoda_1455103920

Such kind of art resides in Nilgiri Hills and people there are struggling hard to protect this embroidery art. Every design of this embroidery is unique and it is used on cell phones pouches, wallets, and bed sheets etc. But this art is also ending because of lesser demand.

5. Naga Handicraftnaga_1455104412

It creates artistic things using raw material from forest such as wood, canes etc. One can design baskets, shawls, scarves, bags, and bowls etc. using such natural things. But things made up of such handicrafts are not in much demand so the existence of this Naga handicraft is also in danger.

6. Roghan Painting roghan painting_1455104496

This painting is done only by one surviving generation of 6 people currently and it is believed that this is going to be the last one who will continue this art. The reason of its lesser existence is its expensiveness and increase demand among foreigners. The efforts are not made for the survival of this art.

7. Dhokra Handicraftdhokra_1455104584

The famous dhokra art is the dancing girl of Mohenjodaro and it is practiced from more than 400 years. It is in much demand among Indians as well as foreigners but the people having knowledge of this art are very less.

8. Patola Sarispatola_1455104635

These are the most expensive saris as it takes lot of time to complete. The approx. timing is 4 to 6 months plus approx. 85 days more for coloring and weaving. For making 27 normal designed Patola saris, labor of 12 people is required approx. This is the reason; they are sold at a very high price. The Fate of this art is very unusual and can be end very soon.

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