The biggest challenge while travelling to India is to enjoy the heavenly tastes of different foods available in India. You will see that there are numerous varieties and styles of food available in India and to keep them enjoying during your whole travel period is the biggest deal. It is not so easy to overcome such challenges. India is said to be a land of spices where many delights are available. The taste of Indian food is the major experience one can enjoy. Every state and city has different cultures and they eat different kind of foods.00-00-00-06-08-17-60817_1448949

You will see that Indian food is quite different and unique from the food you eat in your home country. Once you will taste, you can judge easily that it is very tasty and enjoyable. The food is spicy as many spices are used and it takes lot of time to prepare such a tasty food. So you should always taste it with some guidance. You may get sick if you will eat spicy food without knowing it as it does not suit everyone. You will find different tastes in different states so if you really want to enjoy without getting sick, you need to know the flavor of food served there.Spices

You should eat only that food flavor of which suits you the most as there are chances that you may get sick while travelling. Water you drink should be clean and try to drink only bottled water. Vegetarian food is very famous in India but it should be properly cooked otherwise it may affect your health. In addition to that salads and juices may also be bad for your health and won’t let you enjoy the foods of different state of India.opinion_suzuki1-1

Overeating should also be avoided as it may deteriorate your digestive system and you may feel sick specially during travelling. Another tip you need to keep in mind is that avoid non vegetarian food specially beef. You will rarely find beef in India as cow is worshipped by people of India. Moreover, non-vegetarian food cooked here is very unhygienic.avoid-non-vegetarian-food-during-navratri-min

Then is the street food, which should be eaten with precautions. No doubt street food is amazing and very tasty but there is greater risk of infection or other diseases. Before eating it, always check as utensils used are clean or not and it is prepared hygienically.  You should prefer eating with your hands rather than using your utensils but make sure that your hands are clean.


The best thing is to eat home food maximum to avoid any unhealthiness and enjoy heavenly taste of Indian food. You can also make a plan at your friends or relatives home. The most importantly for enjoying the taste properly eat slowly and don’t eat more than your capacity. Sometimes due to good taste you may eat more than requirement.


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