A great range of different types of soil, climate, culture, religions and occupation gives India a vast range of traditional cuisines. Every state has its own specialities wide their native ingredients. For example Punjab people love to eat spicy food while people of Gujarat add sugar to every dish as they prefer a bit of sweet taste in every item. There are some myths and truths about Indian food. Let’s discuss some of them:

Hot and spicy:rdn_52cb6c80831d2

There is a myth that all Indian foods are hot and spicy. People usually mix hot with spicy too. Moreover, not all Indian food items contain spices. It is a matter of preference that whether you prefer eating spicy food or not.

Not every Indian food is curry:

lentilncludes curry powder and it’s a main ingredient of Indians. A lot many dishes are not curried that gives a whole new view of Indian cuisines.

Greasy Indian food:img_3167

Food at restaurants can be a bit hard to digest and greasy because it is cooked in large quantity, so they use a lot of butter or ghee but the food cooked in Indian homes is light in taste less spices are used with fresh ingredients and fresh curry.

Takes lot of effort:

female chopping food ingredients

some food items do take lots of time and effort but most of the Indian food is simple and easy. They don’t use too many steps or too many ingredients to complicate the dish. The simple the food the more you can enjoy the taste of ingredients and spices.

Indian food is unhealthy:shutterstock_99364313-compressed

People believe that most of the Indian foods contains large amount of fat. They are cooked with lot of oil or butter. But there are many dishes that do not require any oil and made by roasting it. Apart from that there are many such ingredients used in Indian food which are very healthy such as ginger, garlic etc.

Use of desi ghee:765 (2)

People usually think desi ghee can be harmful if it is not taken properly. Ghee is important. It’s a fiction that ghee is fattening whereas the fact is ghee breaks down the fat. Ghee is saturated fat is a myth rather the fact is ghee is unique saturated fat that helps to mobilize fats.

Indian food is not easy to cook:cookedfoodbuffet

It is believed that Indian food takes lot of time & efforts to cook which is not true rather there are many dishes which can be prepared easily without much hard work.

Eating Sugar is harmful for health: sugar

It has been figured out that sugar can be great source of energy if mixed with right ingredients and consumed at right time. Eating multigrain packaged bread, biscuits or any other cereal is the way of harming the benefits of sugar.

Greater Use of Rice:2

Rice is used in every menu from birth to death. Birth, marriage, name ceremony, new house, new office, death, after death ceremony it’s used everywhere in food. It’s believed to be a protein rich diet.

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