Most of the people staying in India don’t believe that how much their country is loved by foreigners. They make a special visit to India to see its beauty and once they come they are never willing to go. It’s really a magical land where you will find every kind of people possessing different tastes. It is a very crowded country as every state or village consist of large population. Though there are some bad sides of it like it is polluted as well as you will find lots of poor people around. Summers in India are hot enough to melt your brain. Break downs of the cars, bumpy roads, late trains, overcrowded buses, ignorant drivers and most important the dusts in the air etc. are few things you have to get used to. But despite all this every morning you wake up in India with a beautiful sunshine. Meditating near Ganga River with saints around gives your body an aroma of purity. Entering into street markets you will witness the beautiful colours of life. India is all about bright and pretty colours.

In India, hospitality is very good as guests are equal to god (Atithi devo bhava). Wherever you go, rural or urban area there will be great hospitality provided. Hospitality may matter according to the resources but people treat their guests with the best. Everyone is treated with love and care.
India is a huge country with many religions and people and languages from pilgrim tours of Haridwar, Amritsar, vaishno Devi etc. to yoga and Ayurveda tour towards Kerala, to adventures trip to southern forests, Himalayas, Kutch in the west. There are lots more places which are beautiful, thoughtful, incredible, majestic & providing luxury and comfort.
India is an ancient country and its history is very complex. It’s a place where history gets repeated in the form of surprising future. The travelling experience of India is also very enjoyable and it is something one can never forget. This is because each place is India is unique and every tourist gets confused which place they should visit in such a less time. Some really unbelievable places that one must visit in India are

Suraj Tal Lake:


The water of this lake is considered to be sacred by some and the beauty of this lake is heavenly enough to make it sacred.

Pichola Lake:


Built to provide water to the surrounding villages and towns for irrigation, which is its main purpose and the highlight, is its majestic beauty.



It’s a peak mostly used for trekking lead by bumpy car rides. It’s chilly out there but it’s worth to visit this place.



It’s a district in Tamil Naidu that will offer you incredible food with amazing taste, architecture and special varieties of sarees.

Nubra valley:


You need localities with navigation skill to take you there to view the beautiful scene of East Ladakh. It is 150 km north from Leh town.

Like this there are numerous places in India that can have magical impact on you and you would love to be there.

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